Darkest Dungeon’s Radiant Update is Finally Here

Posted on 09 Feb 2017 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

In a patch note that spanned five pages and ended with “and more,” Red Hook Studios announced that the free Radiant Mode and all that comes with it is finally here.

Radiant Mode is an attempt at cramming the normally 80+ hour campaign into just around 40 all while preserving the difficulty and despair that makes Darkest Dungeon what it is. They’ve done this by leveling up heroes faster, letting level 4 heroes into novice dungeons, and reducing costs on upgrades.

Stygian Mode is also being introduced as an extra brutal NG+ for the few grand souls who are somehow able to beat the game. Stress is increased, the time limit has been reduced, fewer heroes are allowed to die until a game over, and you might actually lose your sanity playing this mode.

Among the other updates were rebalances of the abbey and tavern, four new bosses, more town events, 4K resolution in the options, more settings exposed for the modding community, and a buff to your inventory that can now hold more gems and recover trinkets after they’re lost.

It’s a HUGE update, so if there’s something you were curious about you can check the patch notes here or our previous coverage of Radiant Mode here.  Oh, and why not take advantage of a nice 50% off the top discount for Darkest Dungeon on Steam until February 13th.

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