Darkest Dungeon Sees New Bosses in Radiant Mode

Posted on 14 Jan 2017 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Recently Red Hook Studios announced that new modes will be added to Darkest Dungeon, the biggest of which being “Radiant mode,” but it seems that Red Hook has more in store for us.

Radiant Mode is a new game mode designed to help reduce the overall time needed to complete the game.

In addition to Radiant mode, the new “Stygian mode” will be added in the same free update. While Radiant mode is a shortened, ~40 hour version of the game, Stygian mode is an even more brutal NG+ version available from the start.

Also added beside the new modes are new mini-bosses to challenge players. Each zone will have a unique mini-boss for its champion-level dungeons, the first of which to be announced is The Bone Bearer.

A new threat whose grinding teeth and shuffling steps echo endlessly in the shadowy arcades of the ruined battlements

Red Hook plans to have this update ready for PC/Mac/Linux in early February, with the console versions getting the update slightly later. No new information on the Crimson Court DLC yet, but hopefully these new mini-bosses and new modes will hold you over until we get more.

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J. A. Kinghorn
Posted 19 Jan 2017, 14:49
I AM SO FRIGGIN' PUMPED FOR THIS. Darkest Dungeon is my new favourite! :D

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L Coulsen
Posted 19 Jan 2017, 15:53
Not Black Closet?