Cyberpunk Bartending Visual Novel VA-11 Hall-A Prologue Chapters

Posted on 16 Feb 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Certainly a unique amalgamation of genres to be sure, yet Sukeban Games’s cyberpunk bar-tending visual novel VA-11 Hall-A is adding in the prologue chapters to the base game, for free.

Initially released as a standalone some years ago, VA-11 Hall-A’s prologue chapters deal with you serving drinks to an army of sentient corgis, an angry veterinarian, and an enslaved android. Cut out from the Steam release of the full game due to a lack of time, the full experience is now available to everyone on Steam, and any other retail you choose to get your games from.

For those not in the know, VA-11 Hall-A is set with a massive dystopian city, rife with corruption and crime. Far from the action, however, is the bar bearing the game’s namesake. Choices are made based on the drinks you serve to your patrons, which can further the game’s story, and reveal more about the characters themselves.

Sukeban Games is two guys trying to eke out a living in the modern dystopian landscapes of Venezuela, so it’s not hard to see the influences. You can buy VA-11 Hall-A on Steam now.

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