Crossout Now on Steam Early Access

Posted on 27 Aug 2016 by
Lee Braden

Targem Games with help of Gaijin Entertainment has released onto Steam their brand new game Crossout, a Mad Max style funfest.

Set after an unknown disease spread through the world in 2021, Crossout pitches survivors in a desperate battle, some just fighting for the rush of combat, others to protect what little they have to try and rebuild, others to take the wonders of the old world for themselves.

For those who have played before, there are 3 new PvE modes available:

  • Convoy Escort – Scavengers are willing to fork out money to any mercenary who protects their armoured trucks, protect them from raiders as you drive along the valley. There is an old RADAR station in the middle of the map, possibly a great place for an ambush.
  • Heist – In this mission, players will grab goodies from the settlement at Terminal 45, and take it to the evacuation point, here players will have to protect themselves from defending cars and turrets. This map is a labyrinth of rubbish dumps, garages, houses and clear routes of a former freighter terminal, also keep an eye on the clock.
  • Map Control 17 – Bringing the total number of maps in CBT to 10, Map Control 17 is the latest of the maps added. An open and spacious map, it offers a lot of fun for long-range weaponry and high speed driving, since there is no place to hide for any amount of time. Be quick and unpredictable as this map indulges brave drivers.

Buying the Westland Warrior pack on Steam gives you the ‘Bloodhound’ a unique designed armoured car equipped with two Sledgehammer shotguns, 2,000 in-game coins, exclusive character portrait and a special dark-red paint job. All of this content will ready to use immediately.

Since this is a Closed Beta all progress will be reset and these items will be returned to you at the start of the free-to-play open beta.

Crossout Westland Warrior pack that is now available on Steam costs £24.99.

Official Press Release

(MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION) – August 24th, 2016 — Award-winning developer and publisher of smash hit, War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games development studio today announced that their new team-based vehicle combat MMO Crossout is now available on Steam Early Access for PC. Steam players will get a chance to join the Closed Beta by buying the Early Access Pack ‘Westland Warrior’ which includes the ‘Bloodhound’, a unique armored vehicle equipped with two powerful ‘Sledgehammer’ shotguns, 2000 in-game coins, featuring an exclusive character portrait and special dark-red paint. All pack content will be available in-game immediately and at the end of Closed Beta it will be reset and reassigned to the account, with the start of free-to-play Open Beta.

Get Crossout Early Access Pack “Westland Warrior’ for $29.99/ £24.99 / 29.99€ here:

We are delighted to launch Crossout on Steam through Early Access and continue to build our vocal and collaborative community before Open Beta starts”, said Stanislav Skorb , CEO of Targem Games. “Closed Beta players help us shape the direction of development to build the experience that the community demands.”

With Steam Early Access launch, Crossout contains all the latest content updates including new PvE Missions and additional maps:

Convoy Escort

Scavengers are willing to fork out a tidy sum to any mercenary who ensures safe passage of an armored truck. Players need to follow the truck and defend it from other scavengers and help it cross the map successfully. The map was created especially for this mission with a long route that has almost no turns. Enemies will be attacking the convoy along the way. In the middle of the map there is a radar station, which is a perfect place for an ambush. The main clashes will be waiting for players there. Reward for this mission depends on the distance players can pass.


In this mission, players will try to grab some goodies from a settlement based in Terminal-45 and take it to the evacuation spot. Here players will face not only the enemies which can appear from everywhere, but turrets as well, as they attack a well defended settlement. The map is like a giant labyrinth, with rubbish dumps, garages, living spaces and transport routes all scattered around the territory of the former port terminal. The heist attempt also has a time limit so failing to complete it before the timer ends means losing the round.

Map Control 17

Bringing the total number of maps to 10, Map Control 17 is the latest addition to the game. An open and spacious map, it offers a lot of fun for long range weapons lovers and high speed drivers. Since there is no place to hide for a substantial amount of time, the only way to survive is to be the first to attack the enemy. Be quick, be unpredictable, be desperate – this map indulges brave scavengers. Sneak around destroyed radar dishes, hunt for lonely drivers, and watch your back. Someone can be hunting you at the same moment!​

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