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Posted on 21 Apr 2016 by
L Coulsen

There was a rather hefty new update for The Crew yesterday. A not insignificant 1 GB that brought with it some bike focused new Summit events and a few extra tools to the video editor. Did you know The Crew has a video editor now? Yeah, really. And a picture mode too. Both of which are…let’s face it, they’re gimmicks, but they’re fun to use. Allowing you to really show off your finest moments. Couple that with the newly added Summit challenges, and we have ourselves a recipe for some darn fine moments of vehicular awesome.

Exclusively for Dirt and Raid spec bikes (neither of which I have right now, sadface) are a series of new stunt races. Which challenge you not to drive fast, so much as to pull off cool stunts along the way. Rather than having checkpoints which you pass through, you will be required to complete a stunt (front flip, spin or whatever) at each obstacle along the way, as well as finish the course. With the former being the greater boon to your score. Check out the video above for some examples of The Crew‘s ludicrous physics in action.

Official Press Release

LONDON, UK — April 20, 2016 — Today, Ubisoft® announced that a new mode, Stunt Races, is now available in the latest update for The Crew® Wild Run. Starting today, players will be challenged to perform tricks and stunts with their bikes on specialised tracks. Time and skill will be needed to reach the highest score.

Players will put their skills to the test in off-road races, where they’ll have to complete a maximum number of stunts while hitting all the checkpoints as quickly as possible. To score, challengers put their talent on display and show off all their tricks – from 360s to front and backflips. To help them perform the most impressive stunts, several jump ramps are located along the course. Style and timing are both key to mastering Stunt Races.

Stunt Races are available in “The Summit,” and are only open to Dirt and Raid motorbikes. Along with the Stunt Races, this extensive April update also introduces the Save & Share feature for the “Freedrive” and “Speedtrap” challenges. Players are now able to create and save up to 10 challenges. Using their unique ID, they can then share them with other players in the game and via social media.

The update also includes new video tools that let players further express their creativity by tweaking weather effects and by taking control of new cameras and points of view.

More details about the April update can be found here:

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