Conan Exiles Captures Final Pre-Release Developer Diary, Mod Info

Posted on 23 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The core tenets of Conan Exiles have been and will be: Survive, Build, and Dominate. In this final trailer touching on the ways to do just those things, Funcom gives a brief look at the combat system in Conan Exiles, which features a variety of traditional and exotic weapons, combat styles, and ways to defeat invaders.

One of the most hyped features shown in almost all of the videos so far has been the “Avatars,” giant gods of destruction that rain terror down upon your enemies in both PvP and PvE modes. Though we’re just a tad over a week and a half away from the release of Conan Exiles, the glut of videos certainly has many people looking forward to a more brutal take on the survival genre.

Funcom also has news of community support coming for PC, in the form of server hosting/renting, and mod support. Players can either rent a server from Funcom’s server partner, or run their own, which allows the ability to alter aspects of the game like what players lose when they die, control the day/night cycle, resource yield, and more. Players will also have access to full mod support, by downloading a custom Unreal Engine editor and a mod management tool, designed to easily hook into the Steam workshop.

More information on mods is forthcoming, but Conan Exiles enters Early Access on January 31st.

Official Press Release

Oslo, Norway – January 20th, 2017 – In just 11 days the barbaric open-world sandbox survival game Conan Exiles launches into Early Access on PC. The past two months has seen the Conan Exiles community grow rapidly as Funcom has revealed more and more information about the game including releasing the first two trailers based on the game’s ‘Survive, build, dominate’ tagline. Today Funcom is excited to release the ‘domination’ trailer revealing how players must engage in savage war and brutal combat to dominate the Exiled Lands.

Take control of a towering god and drive your enemies before you as you crush their homes and conquer their land,” says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. “That is the epitome of player vs. player conflict in Conan Exiles. We are giving players a huge, detailed open world where they can go out build a village, a city, or a vast empire in their name. If you are on a PvP multiplayer server, just remember there is always someone willing to take that from you!

Combat is a key aspect of Conan Exiles and players will engage in brutal battles using anything from swords to warhammers and longbows. A violent fatality system ensures that they can slice each other in half or even see their own head rolling away from them in what is a savage and bloody combat system true to the spirit of the world’s most famous barbarian. To dominate the Exiled Lands, players will also have to build cities and fortresses to claim land, and they must go out and capture thralls to help them defend their settlements or create special weapons and armor. To truly dominate Conan’s world, they must also build altars to their god and bring them sacrifices to appease them. If they earn the blessings of their god, players will ultimately get to summon and take direct control of huge, towering avatars of the gods that can roam the world and crush both bodies and buildings under their weight. There will be several countermeasures against avatars and players can also choose to run and play on servers without avatars if they want to.

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian, the world’s greatest fantasy hero. The game can be played on private and public servers, either in multiplayer or local single-player.

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Posted 23 Jan 2017, 17:51
As a fan of both Ark and Conan, I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully, the first impressions at the end of this month are positive.

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David Pink
Posted 23 Jan 2017, 21:04
I enjoy Conan, but ARK, welp, game has been nothing but problematic for me since day one lol, everyone I know praises it though... so it must be good, I'm one of the unlucky ones, but this is looking more interesting all the time.