Chrono.GG Adds Coins

Posted on 10 Mar 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

ChronoGG introduce GG coins, and free games. For the last year ChronoGG has been one of my favourite haunts for finding great game deals.

While Chrono falls a little short of competitors like Humble Bundle and Dig Games etc. for giving amazing value bundles, Chrono makes up in quality what it misses in quantity. The Chrono gimmick is simple, it’s in the name, and it’s updated every day (around 5pm GMT), Chrono gives you a new deal every twenty four hours.

I did say quality didn’t I? This is the crucial part of Chrono’s attraction, rather than huge value bundles with a dozen games you’ll never play and one that you’ll explore briefly. Chrono only advertises great games, which is abundantly clear with today’s ChronoGG Deal; AI War.

I won’t harp on about what a clever and unique game this is, if you enjoy strategy and enjoy a challenge then AI War is a must for your collection. Indeed you can visit the site practically any day and find a new game that is special in some way, and this brings me to the latest gimmick ChronoGG are employing – Coins.

Yes, I know; the insipid intrusion of capitalism into my favourite pastime has turned me off many a game before, I despise the various forms of coins that crop up in every genre from fremiums to Pay to Pays. However I acknowledge the relevance of this trope to gaming, and I don’t mind it as much when used somewhere where I’m deliberately engaged in spending money.

Of course it also helps that GGcoins are being given away for free, simply by visiting their site each day. There are also the usual bribes that come along with this kind of deal, visit their site on consecutive days and you a get bonus coins, visit them for 3, 7, 14, and 30, days in a row and receive free “chests”, for your obsession.

Coins can then be spent in the ChronoGG shop (another new feature they’ve introduced), currently only offering four titles, the shop is in keeping with the Chrono tradition of sharing great indie games. This announcement could be mistaken as an advert I suppose, but as someone obsessed with discovering great games and great deals, I felt compelled to make this deal more widely known.

ChronoGG is already on my list of must visit sites for finding good games, now it’s just moved up a little higher.

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David Pink
Posted 10 Mar 2017, 13:37
Thanks for this Elethio, I just set myself up and got 800 coins now, from what I see, games run from 1000-5000 coins, good stuff tho, why not an extra incentive if you're gonna buy games anyway right :D (or in my broke ass' case, free games, eventually :))