Bow to Blood Dev Diary Gives You Battle Orders

Posted on 04 Mar 2019 by
L Coulsen

The first dev diary for Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing takes us into the world of telling everyone what to do. Being the Captain sure has its perks. But being a good Captain takes a bit of skill. You always need to tell that pesky Ensign to get to da choppa and blow everyone out of the sky. Aye, aye sir.

Official Press Release

Appear on the big reality show in the sky this April on Xbox One, Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4

Seattle, Washington – February 27th, 2019 – Tribetoy has released a new Developer Diary highlighting the deep combat and social mechanics underlying its upcoming airship combat and diplomacy game Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing.

This first Dev Diary offers a deeper look at how players must command their crew of drones, manage resources, and negotiate with other NPCs. Since Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is set around the idea of a reality show, players must make alliances with other competing captains, then find the ideal time to stab them in the back. Look, it’s called Bow to Blood; you’re not here to make friends.

Tribetoy’s staff offer some of their favorite playstyles, playable characters, and regale viewers with tales of their time with Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing – most of which end in betrayal! You can look forward to being your own devious scallywag of an airship captain when Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing flies onto Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 in April.

PC players can wishlist the game on Steam today:

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