Black Manta Gameplay Footage

Posted on 01 Sep 2017 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Despite his goofy helmet, Black Manta is doing a good job of getting the hype started for Injustice’s newest season of DLC characters, and is showing exactly what Injustice needed more of.

Similar to Ultimate Marvel’s Sentinel or SkullGirls’s Painwheel, Black Manta has flight; a totally new mechanic for Injustice that lets Manta hover across the screen with his jetpack and move unlike any other character on the roster. It’s unknown whether it’s unlimited flight or if it’s tied to his trait, but it’s something fresh and exciting.

Besides flight, his combination of missiles, eye lasers, and knife look pretty good in long or short range scuffles. While he looks to be dominant against simple zoners like Starfire or Cyborg, his lacking mid-range tools will make it difficult to get in against characters like Swamp Thing or Scarecrow without a roll or clever use of flight.

Black Manta comes as part of the next patch of course where the other fighters will be getting new tools as well. Swamp Thing for example will be getting gear that allows him to airdash as shown in Manta’s gameplay footage.

Black Manta will be playable on September 12th for those who either buy him individually or get Fighter Pack 2. The next DLC character will be Raiden from Mortal Kombat X, followed by everyone’s favorite infernal spawn of Satan, Hellboy.

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