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Posted on 11 Jul 2017

After development began back in 2012, with a successful Steam Early Access launch in 2015, OddOneGames’ sandbox-adventure MMORPG, Tree of Life, is set to officially release this August. A colorful voxel engine game with a unique style that has players crafting, building and surviving as they embark on the most epic of adventures together, or alone. Boasting vast improvements across the board since Early Access, most importantly being the newly designed ‘Clay 2 Engine’ that will fuel the Tree of Life full release, also UI redesigns, polished PvP content and various other improvements in order to give players a more intense and enjoyable experience.

Official Press Release

“Tree of Life” Official release on Steam and its new trailer

Munich, 10.07.2017 – NeoBricks and OddoneGames are announcing Tree of Life, the sandbox MMORPG will be officially released on Steam in early Aug 2017. The new trailer of “Tree of Life” will also be released to Medias for the first time.

Development began in 2012, when the 3 adventurous indie developers had begun working on the game and it was subsequently released on Steam as Early Access in May 2015. The game achieved big success in its early stages and sold over 34,000 amount of copies by the end of the second month. In its second year, Tree of Life was ranked as the second most popular game on Steam. Now finally – 2 years after the beginning of Early Access – the game is officially released.

Building – The players can declare their territory and start building their own little town almost anywhere on the map. Anyone in the Game World can pass by and come visit your town in the vast open world encompassing Tree of Life. Aside from ‘Building’ – the physical constructions you place down – there is also the aspect of ‘Crafting’: players can craft anything they want and need using the wide variety of crating options provided.

Adventure – The players can embark on an epic adventure since the Voxel engine enables the developers to create a beautiful, expansive open world to explore. You can encounter allies in an isolated snowy landscape or face enemy raids in the blazing desert.

At the time of the Official Release, the new game engine, called “Clay 2 Engine”, will have been designed and developed for the new Tree of Life. As for the veterans of the game, they will see the game graphics have been significantly improved. Moreover, the game UI has been completely re-designed in light of a much needed UX improvement: an easy to use, good-looking UI. The PvP-content will also undergo massive improvement and polishing, the game will become more enjoyable but also much more intense.

Tree of Life currently supports English and Korean. By Q4 2017, German, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, French and Simplified Chinese will be added. The opening of the Public Test Realm and the official release date will be announced on Steam in the near future.

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About NeoBricks GmbH

Neobricks GmbH is a brand new Game Publisher based in Germany. NeoBricks stands for innovation and dedication, with which we can build anything we imagine or dream of. We are all creative and hardworking individuals with more than 13 years’ experience in the gaming industry in Asia and Europe, and currently service Grand Chase M: Action RPG, Zblitz, and JamesBomb.

About OddoneGames:

OddOneGames is the developer of “Tree of Life”, the MMO sandbox survival game. The idea of “the World made by our users” has encouraged the developers to begin this journey. In May 2015, “Tree of Life” was released on Steam as Early Access, and will end its Early Access in early August 2017. It is a well-known indie MMORPG and was also awarded Best Indie ‘Game of the Month‘ in May 2016 and Best Indie Game at the ‘Korea Game Awards 2016’.

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