Battlefield 1 May Get Specializations In the Future

Posted on 12 Aug 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Marking a return of a system from Battlefield 4, developers at DICE have announced that specializations, a metagame that awards specific perks for one match only, will return sometime in the future to Battlefield 1. Though radically different in its implementation from Battlefield 4‘s execution, DICE is still promising that specializations will bring “more opportunities and diversity within each [class],” as well as the choices “provid[ing] more depth and strategy to gameplay.”

For those who aren’t in the know, Battlefield 4’s specializations were a small bar that conveyed four “perks,” and the bar was gradually filled up throughout a match. Progress was achieved mainly through assisting on kills, reviving teammates, resupplying ammo, and more. The progress was doubled if you assisted your squadmates on any of those objectives, promoting smart squad play. If your entire squad died, the progress bar reset, and you would have to start all over. While it’s unclear just how specializations will be earned in-game in Battlefield 1, one can presume that there will be a similar system, if not the same entirely.

The major differences is in the perks. Specializations in Battlefield 4 were not game-changing abilities, but rather things like sprinting 15% faster, more deployed explosives, faster defibrillator charge speed, and others. Based on the Reddit post by DICE, these perks will be much stronger than their earlier brethren. Potential specializations include squad mates dropping smoke on death within a certain range, reduced suppression by 75%, decreased time before passive healing, and more.

Granted, these iterations are just in the testing phase, but some of the class-specific awards seem quite strong. If anything, DICE has shown that they don’t exactly listen to community feedback before implementing changes, as was the case with the ammo and grenade resupply system a few months back. Hopefully these changes are tweaked before their eventual release, which is slated to come with the second DLC pack in September, “In the Name of the Tsar”.

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