Battle Princess Madelyn – Arcade Mode Showcase

Posted on 04 Sep 2018

Battle Princess Madelyn will feature an arcade mode of remixed stages alongside the regular campaign mode. Arcade mode will feature a showcase of the game’s levels, and bosses, intended to be a faster game than playing the story campaign.

Official Press Release

Old School Awesome Arcade Action!

September 3 2018 – Nova Scotia, Canada. Causal Bit Games are today pleased to showcase Battle Princess Madelyn’s Arcade Mode!

Arcade mode is a showcase of the game’s story mode’s levels with a faster paced game, completely different level structure and style of play for a more difficult style of play. A true homage to games of yesteryear, a real old school experience.

Battle Princess Madelyn will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U and PC.

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