Agony’s Demonic New Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 02 Mar 2017 by
David Pink

The mad minds behind Madmind Studios have graced us with a double dose of hellish delights with today’s newly released ‘Demon’ focused gameplay trailers from the upcoming survival-horror FPS, Agony.

Highlighting several of the eternally damned that players encounter within the halls of Agony, from the sexy succubus (bouncing breasts and all), to the horned Venus-fly-trap headed demon, to the husks of the forever tormented, a Scoleciphob’s worse nightmare, captain should-probably-wear-some-pants-cause-his-dong-his-hanging-out super demon (reminds me of Dante’s Inferno), and then there’s some angry four-armed, goat-eyed, skull-faced meditating demon at the end to wrap it up.

Agony’s second demon themed trailer showcases the gameplay, as the player shambles around the most gorgeous interpretation of hell that I’ve ever seen. Leaping over rivers of souls to locate suitable simple minded demonic hosts to possess and continue onward, setting soul’s ablaze, gouging eyes and rampaging across hell itself, offering sacrifices along the way, until finally taking a leap of faith into the abyss.

I’ve personally enjoyed the Agony demo that was released back in November, albeit limited; it was a great opportunity to check out the sights and sounds that Agony had to offer, which absolutely floored me in presentation and imagination. After watching the latest offerings, the hype train is fully fueled and ready to go, with hopes of getting a set release date sometime soon, until then, we’ll just have to park our butts here and wait till Q2 2017 to arrive.

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L Coulsen
Posted 03 Mar 2017, 00:17
The more I see, the more I really regret not being able to pledge to their Kickstarter :/