Agony Red Goddess Reveal Trailer

Posted on 24 Dec 2017

Agony is a game you might remember as being about waking up in hell one day and not having any memories of your past. But you can control people, so you’ve got that going for you. Your escape meanwhile, will require you to meet the Red Goddess, featured in the CGI trailer above, and she may not be the friendliest denizen of the underworld.

Agony‘s release date is set for 30 March 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Official Press Release

After many requests from her fans and worshipers, she unravels a glimpse of her glory finally.

Recent months was full of speculations and attempts to decipher Red Goddess’ true identity.

As the main antagonist in Agony, The Red Goddess plays a significant role in Agony story, and her personality makes her the most terrifying entity that players will ever encounter in the game.

She might be seen as an innocent, beautiful woman, but this makes her the deadliest enemy that player can meet in the world full of agony and terror.

Our publications to date always had hidden hints about her identity, but now her shine points the one and only way to the gates of unending Agony.

In Agony Christmas pack, you will find many materials with this character, which includes “The Red Goddess theme”, wallpapers, poster, and most importantly:

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