A Surge of Mini-Boss Screenshots From Deck13

Posted on 30 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

What it says on the tin. Deck13’s The Surge is well on its way to release, currently due some time…well, it’ll be out next year, so maybe not that close.

Anyway, it’s close enough for us to be getting another look at how things are shaping up, in the form of three mini-bosses. One of which, isn’t so mini in stature, and rather reminds me of the original version of Devastator. Though that may well be because I’ve been playing Rise of the Dark Spark recently, and just did the bit where you take control of Bruticus. Or, more likely, it’s just a lime green construction vehicle and I just wanted to talk about myself for ten seconds. Wait, are those predator claws?

Official Press Release

Mini-bosses of visceral action-RPG The Surge revealed in new screenshots

CREO’s security forces exist to maintain order within the complex. CREO’s ‘robot dog’ is a leaping quadruped designed to track down and kill any intrusions. As with most threats in The Surge, it has a weakness – although heavily armored, players can hit vulnerable places in order to take it down, and loot it, faster.

The Echelon 9 security forces, armed with anti-personnel combat gear, are armored in the GOLIATH-class armor making them extremely fast and strong. Although contrary to CREO’s image as a planet-saving company, CREO’s internal security forces’ primary goal is to protect CREO from outside interference, as the stakes are high.

One of the many malfunctioning industrial machines throughout CREO, the Smelter was designed to be impervious to tampering, making it extremely difficult to shut down. With ore-smashing gripper teeth and coolant forcing it to vent gasses to keeping it stable, you’ll have to attack its most vulnerable inner workings at the right time to deactivate it.

You will have to make the most of your newly installed exo-suit, armors, and almost limitless armament combinations to survive CREO when The Surge slices its way onto consoles for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.


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