A Sky Full Of Stars Release Date

Posted on 05 Dec 2017

Upcoming visual novel, A Sky Full Of Stars has a confirmed release date now; 15 December 2017. On top of that we’ve got the short biographies of each of the heroines, which is incredibly lengthy, so we’ll include it below in lieu of the press release.

A Sky Full Of Stars is a coming of age astronomy story where the characters grow closer to each other while stargazing. It’ll have love, comedy, and excitement – not sure how a visual novel includes excitement outside of the pantular region but we’re on board to find out.

Official Press Release
  • Hikari Houkiboshi

Akito’s childhood friend who suddenly appeared back in his life like a comet sweeping back

on its orbit. Hikari, Akito, and Saya always used to stargaze together at the secret


She’s cheerful and positive, always willing to try something new. Sometimes her insatiable

curiosity can cause trouble for those around her.

Stargazing for Hikari is just like travelling the galaxy together. Her interest in the stars, in

seeing further, farther into the unknown propels her forward at the speed of light.

She began to stargaze after meeting Akito and Saya, but their meetings were cut short when

her family moved away and she lost touch with her friends until they met again several years

later. By then, tomboyish country girl Hikari had grown into a cute and stylish teenager.


“I guess we should get going, too. To the secret observatory!”


  • Saya Amanogawa

A pretty girl with two different colored eyes, one a brilliant blue, and the other a yellow-

orange. After seeing how she dutifully brings things for Akito when he starts sleeping in the

astronomy club room, the other students begin calling her his “commuter wife”.

She transferred to Akito’s school when they were kids, and everyone was talking about the

pretty girl who moved from the city. At the time, she had a complex about her eyes, and

always tried to hide them with sunglasses. But then, she became friends with Akito and

Hikari, and began stargazing with them.

Studious and serious, she gives off an aura of seeming mature for her age, but that’s actually

an act; she’s actually a bit clumsy and people often feel the urge to take care of her.

She’s shy and quiet around new people. It’s only when she’s near Akito that she can forget

everyone around her and be herself.


“I don’t like being left out…”


  • Orihime Shiratori

A senior at a private escalator school. Tall and curvy, at a glance she’s a picture of beauty.

Compared to clubs at other schools, the astronomy club at Orihime’s school is active and has

lots of supplies.

She always speaks politely, and treats everyone graciously. At the same time, she can be a

little flighty and mischievous. She also likes to act mysteriously, showing interest in shady

fortunes. Orihime can also be elegant, as she comes from a rich family.

This makes her seem a bit foreboding to some people, but she’s actually very kind to her

juniors. For this reason, people who don’t know her well keep their distance, but her juniors

all adore her. She’s popular with both boys and younger girls.

Orihime is also fairly strong-willed, and no matter how nice she may seem, once she makes

up her mind there’s no changing it.This is all an act to hide her insecurities, though.


“I couldn’t help but feel that it was destiny.”


  • Korona Kusakabe

One year younger than Akito and the others, nothing quite seems to go her way. She

thought Hikari was nice and had a crush on Akito. She wanted to be a part of their group,

but she was too young. Then she watched as Saya immediately became close to them and

that didn’t sit right. That, on top of everything else, made her hate the fact that she was a

year younger all the more.

She loved Akito and tried desperately to get his attention, but as she was still a child with no

sense of how to act properly, it made her act a little devilish. Her personality is a bit cat-like

and contrary, but once she decides she likes you, she showers you with affection. That said,

things rarely go her way.

For example, should she spot Akito and run over to greet him, calling, “Heyyy, Akkyyy!”,

that’s exactly the moment she’ll fall out of sight in a ditch and end up crying when he doesn’t

find her. (true story)


“Yep. So don’t get any ideas about making moves on him, got it?”

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