Rising Storm GOTY Limited Timed Offer!

The ever amazing folks behind Humble Bundle and in partnership with Tripwire Interactive, the maniacs behind the goretastic Killing Floor series and the brutally realistic Red Orchestra 2, comes the special limited time offer of picking up Rising Storm's Game of the Year edition completely free! In celebration of the upcoming release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, as well as the anniversary of Rising Storm's original release…
GAME PROFILE 26 May 2017 by David

Rising Storm

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Heroes & Generals New Guns Care Package

For all you gun junkies out their just itching at pulling the trigger on a fancy new toy comes the latest 'Care Package' update to Reto-Moto's hit Free-to-Play MMOFPS, Heroes & Generals. With aims of making both rookies and veterans run into battle smiling ear to ear, the latest offerings should find a happy home in…
GAME PROFILE 24 May 2017 by David

Heroes & Generals

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Sudden Strike 4 Steam Beta Test Now Live

Kalypso Media have gleefully announced the launching of Sudden Strike 4's Steam Beta testing campaign that will run until the games full release on August 11th. One slight issue I'm afraid... it will be available for pre-purchase customers ONLY. Also being added in to sweeten the dealio, Kalypso have thrown in a copy of the Sudden…
NEWS 23 May 2017­ by Bis18marck70

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Has Boots on the Ground

Paradox Interactive have released Steel Division: Normandy 44 today. Developed out of Eugen Systems experience with Wargame and R.U.S.E. Steel Division will thrust players into the battle for Normandy in 1944. Recreating World War II-era warfare with hundreds of historically accurate models and weapons, the game caters specifically to tactical real-time strategy fans and history buffs. Whether…
ANNOUNCEMENT 05 May 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Sudden Strike 4 – Be Prepared!

So you’ve read The Art of War and you think you’re ready to command? Well think again newbie, we’ve got The General’s Handbook, and you need to learn it cover to cover before you put everyone's lives in your hands! Kallypso Media have announced a release date for their upcoming realistic WWII RTS; Sudden Strike 4. You…
NEWS 26 Apr 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

A Mighty Endeavor: Call of Duty Returns to World War 2

Call of Duty: WW2 has been revealed today, bringing with it major changes, and a fresh direction for the franchise. Beginning with a quote from former President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his D-Day Prayer, Call of Duty: WW2’s trailer shows only a brief, tantalizing glimpse of the campaign, but it’s enough to at least suggest…
NEWS 24 Apr 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

It’s Official: Call of Duty Is Returning to World War 2

Confirming rumors last month that circulated on Reddit, NeoGAF and elsewhere, Activision announced the existence of Call of Duty: WWII, with a special reveal live-stream to come. The official website for the game pegs the reveal live-stream for this Wednesday, April 26th at 1:00 PM EST/7:00 PM UTC. The next Call of Duty is being developed by…
GAME PROFILE 24 Apr 2017 by Hendrik

Call of Duty: WWII

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ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Apr 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Steel Division: Normandy 44, Invasion Begins May 23rd

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is Eugene Systems latest RTS game (they have made a lot of RTS games...) jumping into the thriving RTS market. Made in a similar style to Eugene’s popular Wargame series, Steel Division offers a WWII campaign with an emphasis on strategy, as well as historical accurate units. RTS lovers and gamers alike can…
NEWS 31 Mar 2017­ by Bis18marck70

Steel Division ’44 Trailer Hits

Ah, the not-so-tranquil plains of France, where a barrel sticks out of every hedgerow and beyond any hill crest can lie an ambush just waiting to happen. It is this beautiful landscape that will feature in Paradox Interactives newest announced title, Steel Division – Normandy ’44, under development at Eugen Systems. Playing out like a mixture…
ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Mar 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

All’s Quiet On the Western Front in Day of Infamy

New World Interactive’s Day of Infamy, who are also developers of Insurgency and its sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm moves from the modern military world to the battlefields of World War 2, and is out now on Steam. With ten unique maps scattered across Southern and Western Europe, featuring the German Wehrmacht, the Commonwealth Forces (Great Britain, Canada,…
GAME PROFILE 27 Mar 2017 by David

Day of Infamy

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