DayZ Leaving Early Access

Zombie survival sim DayZ is finally leaving early access with the release of version 1.0 on 13 December 2018. Check out the press release below for more info.
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Ahh yes, Kickstarter, equal parts one of the best and worst things to happen to the gaming world. On the one hand, it has enabled the production of so many games that would otherwise have never existed. On the other…it’s enabled the production of so many games that should otherwise have never existed. By now,…

Agony – Fractal Gameplay Trailer

The trailer gremlins have graced us with a new gameplay trailer for Agony. Expect hazy landscapes, tortured souls, squishy skill point eyeballs, and weird arm-ball monsters that just want a hug. It may not be for children is what we're saying. Agony will be releasing 29 May 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Agony – Release Date Announced

Agony, the self styled “most terrifying game in history” has a solid release date: 29 May 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We recently posted the reveal of Agony mode, an additional survival mode based on randomly generated levels. Fancy going to hell? I bet you'll be wishing you brought the Doom Marine…

Agony – Agony Mode Revealed

Agony, upcoming hellish horror game, will have an additional mode: Agony Mode. In the new mode the game will have new features like procedurally generated chambers to test your survival skills against. You'll be faced with random quests and challenges, players will have an option to choose their gender, and a global leaderboard will keep…

Agony Release Date Announced

Upcoming horror game Agony has an official release date now: 29 May 2018. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Agony is a horror game where players explore hellish terrain and face disturbing creatures while investigating the mysterious Red Goddess. Check out the press release below for more info.

Agony Release Date

Hellish horror game, Agony has today got a full release date announcement for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One: 29 May 2018. Frankly, that's a lot sooner than we were expecting but May seems to be a big release window this year and without any serious horror contenders yet, Agony is in a good position…

Agony Red Goddess Reveal Trailer

Agony is a game you might remember as being about waking up in hell one day and not having any memories of your past. But you can control people, so you've got that going for you. Your escape meanwhile, will require you to meet the Red Goddess, featured in the CGI trailer above, and she…

Conan Exiles Launch Date and Pricing Details

Funcom's latest stab at the Conan franchise now has a confirmed release date: 8 May 2018. We're not sure if that's a date relevant to Conan but if it is it's probably the day he heard lamentations (they're very precious to him) or drank something out of a skull. Along with the release we've got…
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THQ Nordic Announce New Survival Game Fade to Silence

Coming to Steam Early Access next week, December 14th to be precise, Fade to Silence is about surviving in a post-apocalyptic, permanent winter. But with a spattering of eldritch horror thrown in, just becase that isn't tough enough on its own. Some intersting points from the below press release is that developer Black Forest say they…
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Fade to Silence

Check out this game profile to learn more.

This War Of Mine Father’s Promise DLC

Surviving in a warzone is hard work, especially if you're not even the intended target of those bullets and bombs. This War Of Mine has done a fairly decent job of showing these difficulties via a warzone scrounging/survival game from a civilian's point of view and doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.…

Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero and End Of Zoe Trailer

There's a new gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 7's upcoming content – End Of Zoe and Not A Hero, the latter of which will be a free DLC featuring Chris Redfield. The press release below has some info on the Gold Edition that will include these extras if you somehow haven't bought Resident Evil 7…
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Conan Exiles Physical Editions to be published by Koch Media

Conan Exiles, the open world survival game based on the Conan universe and made by Funcom is now going to be published by Koch Media once it leaves Early Access sometime in early 2018. Koch Media will be handling physical publishing of the game while Funcom are presumably still handling the digital releases. This isn't…