GAME PROFILE 03 Oct 2017 by Jay

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords Cycle Of Warfare DLC

Starpoint Gemini Warlords took the long running space game to new heights, we loved zooming around the big black in our giant space ships, exploding and being exploded by everything in sight because we kept going to the loo when travelling long distances and crashing into stuff. Don't look at us like that, we get…

Prey Trial Now Available

Space station based stealth-horror-exploration-RPG-thing Prey has today received a trial on PC. No, that doesn't mean it nicked something from the corner shop and got caught. It means that, unlike a demo which is usually a small chunk of the game, you get a trial chunk of time with the full game where you can…
NEWS 11 Aug 2017­ by K-putt

No Man’s Sky Getting 1.3 Treatment

After a long and rather clever ARG surrounding No Man's Sky and the Waking Titan we get to see what Hello Games have been cooking up over the last few months. To think these guys have given up after the backlash they received a year back would be wrong. They add more and more content,…
REVIEWS 10 Aug 2017­ by L Coulsen

Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare have quite the history in the gaming world, producing, some of the best respected games in the western ARPG genre. Even after their purchase by EA, despite what some may have told you. Though, it’s hard to deny that their overall quality has been slowly, steadily, declining since their heydey, leaving us here, at…
PREVIEWS 08 Aug 2017­ by Nail Garejev

Universe Sandbox ²

Astrophysics is an area of science, where it is impossible to set up experiments due to the enormous spatial and temporal scales involved. We can either try to observe what is already there or use our knowledge of physics to calculate how the heavens should behave. Programming computers to solve physical equations and giving it…
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Universe Sandbox ²

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NEWS 27 Jul 2017­ by L Coulsen

Galaxy of Pen & Paper is Here Today

Because what you really want to do, when you're playing a game, is to play a game. Enter Galaxy of Pen & Paper, which is a game...about a game. Welp, the follow up to Knights of Pen & Paper scratches that itch, by letting you play a table-top RPG (think DnD, if you're not sure…
NEWS 19 Jul 2017­ by L Coulsen

Space Tyrant Hits Steam Early Access

You know how galactic conquest... I mean, "galactic politic" games usually encourage playing nice, making trade pacts and buttering up your fellow space peoples? Yeah? Okay, so... well, Space Tyrant is about bombing the shit out of them and being a complete despot, just as the name suggests, 'cause these aren't your average cute 'n cuddly…
GAME PROFILE 19 Jul 2017 by David

Space Tyrant

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Endless Space 2 Stellar Prisoner Update

From Amplitude Studios comes the next free content update to their highly acclaimed 4X grand-strategy game, Endless Space 2. Releasing today for both Mac and PC, featuring new quests, AI updates, general performance tweaks and modding improvements. It's safe to say that the "Stellar Prisoner" update will add to the already near endless amounts of…

Hellion Cinematic Trailer Reveal

From indie developer Zero Gravity, comes our first glimpse at the utter destruction that humanity faced as they worked towards building the very first interstellar human colony. Set in the vastness of space aboard a doomed space station, with only remnants of past lives lived remaining, Hellion's twisted survival sci-fi world will have us crawling at the…
REVIEWS 19 Jun 2017­ by L Coulsen

The Long Journey Home

Hard sci-fi and speculative fiction are both things that are oddly underrepresented in the gaming world. There is certainly no shortage of sci-fi adventures out there, that at least make an effort to be a spot of light, speculative fiction, along the way. But the vast majority often sacrifice full scientific accuracy in favour of…


And no, I'm not talking about LEGO Star Wars. Today, Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games partnership with The LEGO Group are thrilled to announce their first DLC pack coming to LEGO Worlds. Releasing this July 5th, and setting your wallet back £2.99 is 'The Classic Space Pack', which brings with it plenty of new quests,…