ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Mar 2017 by Lee Braden

No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update

Yet another surprise from “it’s not dead yet” company, Hello Games, as we have a new content patch for No Man’s Sky. Pathfinder is the new update, adding in a host of new stuff, including PlayStation 4 Pro support (which Sony claims is 4K...not really) but importantly Steam Workshop integration. Aside from the Steam Workshop…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Mar 2017 by Lee Braden

Subnautica’s Newest Update is Infectious

Unknown Worlds Entertainment drops another big update to their almost horror-like underwater survival game Subnautica, with the Infected Update. Going back to the Bones update (at least on their testing branch) we have seen weird green blotches on the local wildlife of 4645B ...well, it’s now on YOU. The unknown bacterium has now infected the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Jan 2017 by Lee Braden

Subnautica’s Castles & Coffee Update

Another big update hits Subnautica today bringing with it new precursor items and a coffee machine, as well as a few other things with the latest update. As mentioned last update, the terrain deformation via base building has been removed, this will make late game deep base building different to a lot of people, but its a…
ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Jan 2017 by Kyle Johnson

First Contact: Aliens Finally Encountered in Elite: Dangerous

Much akin to the 'Quest for the Holy Grail', players in Elite: Dangerous have long been searching for the rumored existence of an alien race known as the Thargoids, a hostile alien race present in the 1984 original title. Now, it appears as though an Xbox One player had the pleasure of having the first encounter…
ANNOUNCEMENT 15 Dec 2016 by Lee Braden

The Subnautica Precursors Update

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released the next update for Subnautica, the Precursor Update, giving us more story before the final 1.0 release coming “soon.” This one adds a new mysterious base in and around the mountain island, along with possible mini-bases found elsewhere (judging from what was on the test server a week ago) that…
ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Dec 2016 by Lee Braden

No Man’s Sky Update 1.12 Now Available

In a short and sweet, mostly PC heavy hotfix patch, Hello Games has sorted out, or found ways round, a few very stubborn bugs. There isn’t much to say outside of the actual notes with this one, aside from a small thank you to people who are still playing No Man's Sky even if it’s…
ANNOUNCEMENT 30 Nov 2016 by L Coulsen

No False Advertiser’s Sky

No Man's Sky did not break any rules regarding advertising, and thus, Valve is in the clear as well. Yep, that's about all she wrote really. Now, I'm not on the “No Man's Sky is the worstest EVAH” bandwagon, but even I'm a bit baffled by this decision. There are, quite clearly, things shown that don't exist…
ANNOUNCEMENT 28 Nov 2016 by David Pink

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Details

Welp, it only took HelloGames four months to bring along a major update to add some much needed functionality to No Man’s Sky. With its not-so-smooth launch back in August, No Man Sky is one step closer to the product that was advertised months before with the introduction of update 1.1, aka the ‘Foundation Update’.…
ANNOUNCEMENT 23 Nov 2016 by L Coulsen

Saints Mod the Fourth

Have you ever played a Saints Row game and thought "damn, this shit is just way too mundane for my tastes?" Well, if you have, dafug is wrong with you?! And yeah, me too. But fear not! Now Saints Row IV has mod support via Steam workshop, because...fuck it, why not? This is all Pierce's…
GAME PROFILE 23 Nov 2016 by David

Saints Row IV

Check out this game profile to learn more.
GAME PROFILE 24 Oct 2016 by David

Medieval Engineers

Check out this game profile to learn more.
ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Oct 2016 by Nail Garejev

Medieval Engineers Huge Update With Even Bigger Levels

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game where people can build medieval castles and siege engines for taking or defending these castles. While the game only supported relatively small maps at first, the latest update aims much higher. The 'Planets Update' now allows players to play in a large connected world, providing a lot of space to…
ANNOUNCEMENT 28 Sep 2016 by L Coulsen


According to a Reddit user by the name of AzzerUK and confirmed by our colleagues at Eurogamer, Hello Games have run afoul of the British Advertising Standards Agency regarding the Steam store page for No Man's Sky. In case you can't guess, the allegation is that Hello mislead consumers, and are continuing to do so,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 23 Sep 2016 by Lee Braden

Subnautica’s Dangerous Creatures

Unknown Worlds Entertainment graces us with another big patch update for their great survival game, Subnautica, making it a little more dangerous. Starting off we have the third and final Degasi crewmembers base in the Deep Reef and the new inhabitants may not be so happy about you being there. Speaking of those new inhabitants, the…