Conan Exiles Launch Date and Pricing Details

Funcom's latest stab at the Conan franchise now has a confirmed release date: 8 May 2018. We're not sure if that's a date relevant to Conan but if it is it's probably the day he heard lamentations (they're very precious to him) or drank something out of a skull. Along with the release we've got…

Crest Community Update And Trailer

Commandment issuing god game, Crest has received a large community update. The update is focused on allowing more expression, as such some of the new features available are; monuments built by your followers, more visual elements of the world affected by your actions – wars will leave skeletons, ruins will decay, etc. There'll also be…
PREVIEWS 02 Oct 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: Crest

A command from the people’s god rings throughout the land, echoing in the heads of all the followers. The citizens stop tending to their flocks, their villages, their farms, all in an attempt to parse its meaning “Young people.” And so, the ritual begins. This is Crest, a religion simulator from Swedish developer Eat…
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Prepare Your Anus Commander – The Thargoids Are Back

Update 2.4 for Elite: Dangerous has been released. Titled “The Return” it appropriately sees the return of series long running alien villains the Thargoids. Unfortunately there's not a whole lot to say at the moment because it's a big galaxy and not a lot has been seen in the couple of days since the patch's…

Some Things Just Want To Cuddle

Unknown Worlds Entertainment updates Subnautica with its early backer reward and some background fixes. Starting off, the Cutefish has been renamed Cuddlefish and has been added to the world, this little guy can help stave off insanity for a while at least, while also preforming tricks. The Vehicle HUD has been updated as well, to…

You’ve Got Red On You – JCB Pioneer Trailer

We recently covered the reveal of JCB Pioneer: Mars and thought it looked like a lot of fun. At least as much fun as playing with a toy truck in the sand, we know you'd do it too if you could. This latest trailer features scientific advisor to the game, Maggie Lieu, also a researcher…

Ghosts Under the Sea

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released their 3-in-1 patch for Subnautica. After a long wait due to a lot of small stuff that needed to be addressed in the background that caused some delays. Now, everyone’s favourite Seamoth destroyer the Reaper Leviathan has been given new and more realistic textures, so for those of us brave…
NEWS 21 Aug 2017­ by Jay Shaw

Conan Exiles Physical Editions to be published by Koch Media

Conan Exiles, the open world survival game based on the Conan universe and made by Funcom is now going to be published by Koch Media once it leaves Early Access sometime in early 2018. Koch Media will be handling physical publishing of the game while Funcom are presumably still handling the digital releases. This isn't…

Dig The Red Planet With JCB Pioneer Mars

Now this is a strange bird. We've got a survival sandbox set on Mars, so far so normal, then we've got space-suits designed by Wipeout series creator Jim Bowers and futuristic JCB vehicles designed by JCB's actual industrial design team. Some of them look like something you'd see on a building site today while some…
NEWS 11 Aug 2017­ by K-putt

No Man’s Sky Getting 1.3 Treatment

After a long and rather clever ARG surrounding No Man's Sky and the Waking Titan we get to see what Hello Games have been cooking up over the last few months. To think these guys have given up after the backlash they received a year back would be wrong. They add more and more content,…

Conan Exiles Is Moving North

After six months in Steam’s Early Access Conan Exiles is finally ready to move up to phase two. In the video above developers talk about why the game is about to get even bigger and better. Besides getting a brand new Northern region and a boatload of featured, the core mechanics are also getting revamped.…
PREVIEWS 08 Aug 2017­ by Nail Garejev

Universe Sandbox ²

Astrophysics is an area of science, where it is impossible to set up experiments due to the enormous spatial and temporal scales involved. We can either try to observe what is already there or use our knowledge of physics to calculate how the heavens should behave. Programming computers to solve physical equations and giving it…
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Universe Sandbox ²

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