Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Getting Free Expansion

Yes, you read that title right, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is not only the holder of game title with the most punctuation this side of S.T.A.L.K.E.R but it's also getting a free expansion this June titled “The Barista Update”. As the name suggests there'll be a focus on coffee, frozen drinks, lattes, etc. as the…

Crest Community Update And Trailer

Commandment issuing god game, Crest has received a large community update. The update is focused on allowing more expression, as such some of the new features available are; monuments built by your followers, more visual elements of the world affected by your actions – wars will leave skeletons, ruins will decay, etc. There'll also be…
PREVIEWS 02 Oct 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: Crest

A command from the people’s god rings throughout the land, echoing in the heads of all the followers. The citizens stop tending to their flocks, their villages, their farms, all in an attempt to parse its meaning “Young people.” And so, the ritual begins. This is Crest, a religion simulator from Swedish developer Eat…
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PREVIEWS 06 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

It’s hard to quantify how alien the world that restaurateurs inhabit are to those who’ve never worked in the food service industry. In all my years spent in fast food, American burger bars, and upscale Italian kitchens, there were some universal truths to be had: stress was expected, learning opportunities were frequent, and fun was…
GAME PROFILE 05 Sep 2017 by Hendrik

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

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Football Manager 2018, Because Brits Can be German Too

Yes, of course, exactly what you want to do after finishing work for the spend endless hours working. Given the success of the Football Manager series, apparently, yes, that's precisely what quite a lot of people do. Balancing spreadsheets to form your team roster, balance your finances and all that fun stuff. Coming November…
GAME PROFILE 15 Aug 2017 by Jay

Football Manager 2018

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NEWS 15 Jun 2017­ by David Pink

Pro Cycling 2017 Races to the Finish Line

At the beginning of June, I've made mention about Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio's hyper-realistic, Le Tour de France cycling/management simulator's imminent release, welp, that day has finally arrived! For all you bicycling enthusiasts out there, head on over to your storefront of choice, because these bad boys are now available for PlayStation 4,…

Pro Cycling 2017 Gameplay Trailer Reveal

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio's hard work to push the envelope of realism can be seen in today's first gameplay reveal trailer for Pro Cycling Manager 2017. With aims of creating the most in-depth cycling simulator that captures the energy and excitement of Le Tour de France to date. Set to launch this June…
GAME PROFILE 01 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Pro Cycling Manager 2017

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