ANNOUNCEMENT 20 Apr 2017 by L Coulsen

The Final Heroes Are out Questing for Dragons

With just over a week to go before its April 28 launch, Dragon Quest Heroes is back to introduce its final three heroes. As well as showing us a bit more of the previous, and returning heroes that are filling the roster. Today we're here to meet a brand new character to the franchise in the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 31 Mar 2017 by L Coulsen

More Dragons, More Quests, More Heroes!

Remember how last week, I told y'all that we'd be seeing a lot more Dragon Quest Heroes II in the near future? Welp, here's a look at the next two characters. Carver, who looks like Hercules on steroids, and can pull massive rocks out of the ground to smash everything. He also finds it rather shocking if…
ANNOUNCEMENT 25 Mar 2017 by L Coulsen

Dragon Quest Heroes Introduces More Heroes

Dragon Quest is a series that doesn't get nearly enough love from Pixel Judge. Largely because it's a traditionally console exclusive property, but that era is, it seems, coming to an end, with Dragon Quest Heroes II making its way to Steam April 25, a day after the international release for all other platforms. With that…
NEWS 07 Mar 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Atelier Firis Launches in North America Today, Europe Friday

The 18th game in the Atelier series, and second in the Firis trilogy, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey launches today in North America for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PC. Europe has to wait a few days to experience Firis Mistlud’s journey across the vast landscapes found in the latest entry, yet…
ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Feb 2017 by Sawyer Scherbenske

Dragon Quest Heroes II – Gameplay Breakdown

Dragon Quest may be one of the grand-daddies of the RPG genre, but they’ve got a few new tricks coming up with Dragon Quest Heroes II, the biggest of which is online co-op. Dragon Quest Heroes II is a 1-4 player open world game, complete with the dungeons and iconic monsters that have put Dragon Quest…
GAME PROFILE 22 Feb 2017 by David

Dragon Quest Heroes II

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ANNOUNCEMENT 16 Feb 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Alchemize Your Way Through Atelier Firis’s Boss Battles

Combining magical abilities and the fruits of your alchemical labor leads to great results in the latest trailer for Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey. The second game in the Mysterious trilogy, and the 15th mainline game overall in the Atelier series, Atelier Firis offers new ways to defeat bosses and progress through…
ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Jan 2017 by David Pink

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Coming to Steam!

Do I have some excellent news for all you JRPG fans out there today! It seems like some amazing surprises are in store for us PC gamers thanks to Bandai Namco and Level-5, the team behind such epic classics as; Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII, Jeanne d’Arc and the more recent, Ni no Kuni: Wrath…
GAME PROFILE 27 Jan 2017 by David

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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NEWS 26 Jan 2017 by David Pink

Legrand Legacy’s Rebooted Kickstarter Almost at Goal

Back in November, SEMISOFT’s tactical turn-based JRPG, Legrand Legacy, had their Kickstarter see a few bumps along the way during its first campaign, slowly growing in funding as it tried to reach the initial goal of £85,000. Even though things weren’t looking to good during its final days on Kickstarter, Legrand Legacy’s leading game designer,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Jan 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Tales of Berseria Nets Demo, PC Requirements

Just a few weeks before Tales of Berseria finds its way onto Steam, Bandai Namco has released the promised demo, announced previously. Providing just a brief look at the “explosive drama and action,” clocking in at just under a gigabyte in size. Coming alongside the demo announcement is the release of the PC specs, and…
ANNOUNCEMENT 11 Jan 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Atelier Sophie & Nights of Azure Steam Trailers and Release Date

Earlier, we brought you the news that Koei Tecmo, in partnership with GUST Studios, was bringing an entry in the long-running Atelier series, along with Nights of Azure, their first action-RPG outing to PC. Now, Koei Tecmo has offered information on preorder and exclusive Steam purchase bonuses. First, for Atelier Sophie, music packs from previous…
NEWS 23 Dec 2016 by L Coulsen

Of Lobsters and Crowd Funded Thermidor JRPGs

So, Thermidor, an Indiegogo tactical JRPG, set during the French Revolution of 1789, and being produced by a primarily East European/Slavic dev team... ...I'm listening... I do have one question though, does it come with a Crevette with a Mornay sauce served in a provençale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pâté? Wait, it's a…
GAME PROFILE 23 Dec 2016 by David


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