Europa Universalis 4 Cradle Of Civilization Future Breakdown…

Big day for grand strategy game expansions. Game director Jake Leiper hosts the above video taking a look through the features that'll be present in the upcoming expansion. As the title would suggest the expansion is focusing on the cradle of civilization, the Middle-East and Africa. You can expect a whole load of new nations…

Europa Universalis 4 Cradle Of Civilization Announcement Tra…

Grand strategy masterpiece Europa Universalis IV will soon be receiving another expansion – this time looking to the Cradle of Civilization for both title and content. Focusing on the Muslim empires. As you'd expect, the expansion will be featuring new governments, trade policies, and more. There's full details in the press release below. Unfortunately there's…

Stellaris Synthetic Dawn Trailer

Lauded 4X Stellaris is getting a new story pack revolving around machine races. Like it says on the tin, machine races are robotic empires that have risen after overthrowing their organic masters and have taken to the stars to continue their expansion on their own terms. There'll also be rogue machine factions that can arise…

Oriental Empires Launch Trailer

We mentioned the other day that Oriental Empires was leaving early access soon. We reinforced our borders with a large wall to fend off the incoming horde but somehow a launch trailer snuck in. We suspect it tunnelled under by using a press release as a shovel. Enjoy seeing how you'll be expanding your oriental…

Oriental Empires To Leave Early Access

China based historical grand strategy game, Oriental Empires has been in early access over on Steam since September 2016 but today we can tell you that it's finally going to leave early access and graduate to wearing big boy pants as a proper release on 14 September 2017. In addition to not being called early…
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Oriental Empires

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TW: WARHAMMER Norsca Race and 30th Anniversary Content

Marking Creative Assembly's 30th Birthday with a major content update to Total War: WARHAMMER, 30 Regiments of Renown are now available for free to all owners of the title. Included are units for the Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos, Norsca and the Wood Elves, beefing up the respective armies with hard hitting veteran units. To gain access…

Total War: WARHAMMER Old World Update

After so much new content and many updates, patches and balance tweaks Total War: WARHAMMER is ironically out of balance. But don’t worry, the developers know it and are on it. The upcoming Old World update is aimed at refreshing the launch factions by rebalancing them, adding new followers, new skills to the skill trees…

Are You Ready to Assimilate the Galaxy?

Today we are treated to some exciting news regarding Paradox Interactive's hugely popular, sci-fi, grand strategy game, Stellaris, a game rife with adventure as you explore a vast galaxy full of wonder and challenges. The good news? A new Story Pack titled 'Synthetic Dawn' will be adding in plenty of new things, synthetic life forms…

Total War: Warhammer – New Race Announced

I guess the folks over at Creative Assembly wanted to really make sure people jumped on the Warhammer II band-wagon hype-train. Earlier today they've dropped the bomb that a new playable race will be handed out as a bonus to Total War: Warhammer players, for all of those who pre-ordered Warhammer II, before or during launch week.  The…
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Europa Universalis IV Introduces the Rights of Man

There are moments in history that define the future in a single stroke. Wars of conquest that change the balance of power, new inventions trump the unbelievable while ideas consume humanity, turn society inside out and stir the fires of revolution... Then again, I am not your history professor so I'll cut it off there…
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Endless Legend

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Europa Universalis IV

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