Gigantic Release Date & Open Beta Update

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga Inc. are thrilled to announce the release date of their upcoming Free-to-Play action-strategy-shooter game, Gigantic, launching July 20th. Not only that, but players enjoying the Gigantic Open Beta will be pleased with today's update expanding functionality with the inclusion of bot matches, revamped tutorials, general UI tweaks, voice chat and login…
GAME PROFILE 22 Jun 2017 by David


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NEWS 20 Jun 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Dungeon Defenders II Officially Launched

After a bout of update after update during its time in Early Access, Dungeon Defenders II has been fully released as a Free-to-Play title via Steam. Made by Trendy Entertainment, and the sequel to the hugely popular 2011 tower defense smash hit, Dungeon Defenders, both of which overflowing with their unique take on the tower defense genre. Playable in…
NEWS 09 Jun 2017­ by Lee Braden

It’s a Pixel World After All

Kukouri, the developers behind Tiny Trooper and select mobile games has announced that their mobile game Pixel Worlds has come to Steam. Having over a million downloads on mobile, we see Pixel Worlds now coming to Steam for Mac and PC, with full cross-platform multiplayer and even more fun, as it’s all player driven, from basic…

Astro Boy Joins the Steam Family Soon

A whole new Astro Boy for new generations is soon to launch on our beloved PC gaming platform! Tezuka Productions and Active Gaming Media Inc. are elated to announce to launching of Astro Boy: Edge of Time, a card based action game, coming to Steam sometime this month. Complete with an action packed story mode,…
GAME PROFILE 07 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Astro Boy: Edge of Time

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Pixel Worlds MMO Launches This Week

From Finnish developer Kukouri, comes the announcement that their charming 2D social sandbox MMO, Pixel Worlds, will officially launch this June 9th. Previously enjoyed by the masses on the mobile market, this pixel art graphic building game is coming to PC and Mac users, with the addition of a cross-play feature so that everyone can…
GAME PROFILE 02 Jun 2017 by David

Pixel Worlds

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Secret World Legends’ New Combat Trailer

Funcom have been busy revamping the immersive MMO universe of Secret World Legends, and today they share with us a new showcase trailer which highlights how different the combat will feel in their new Free-to-Play business model reboot. Make sure you take a moment to check out the above video before diving into the Press Release below for…

Dungeon Defenders II Launches This June

From independent developer Trendy Entertainment, comes the announcement of the official release date for the action-packed tower defense RPG sequel to Dungeon Defenders. Having enjoyed a long and successful life on Steam Early Access with over 11,000 reviews and 75% Mostly Positive ratings, Dungeon Defenders II will see its finest hour this June 20th when…
GAME PROFILE 31 May 2017 by Hendrik

Dungeon Defenders II

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Heroes & Generals New Guns Care Package

For all you gun junkies out their just itching at pulling the trigger on a fancy new toy comes the latest 'Care Package' update to Reto-Moto's hit Free-to-Play MMOFPS, Heroes & Generals. With aims of making both rookies and veterans run into battle smiling ear to ear, the latest offerings should find a happy home in…
GAME PROFILE 24 May 2017 by David

Heroes & Generals

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ANNOUNCEMENT 09 May 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Secret World Legends Goes Free to Play This Month

Roughly a month and a half after their initial announcement, Funcom have pegged a June 26th release date for the Free-to-Play launch of their MMO, Secret World Legends. As I brought you the news initially, Funcom is transitioning from an MMORPG to a “shared world RPG.” Not only arriving with updated combat mechanics, visuals, and…