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About Us

Pixel Judge, a PC gaming website formed literally by members from around the world. United by a passion for both PC games and PC gaming, we aim to offset the relative lack of PC industry coverage in the media these days. Let’s face it, PC gaming is awesome, and we want to open everyone’s eyes to that. There’s no elitism here, even if you’re new to PC gaming or a seasoned veteran of the keyboard and mouse, there’s a home here for you at Pixel Judge - PC Gaming, written by PC gamers, for PC gamers.


We score games on a 5-point system, with half point intervals. When we give a game a five that doesn’t mean the game is perfect, but the reviewer felt that it meets or exceeds all expectations. We don’t believe game scores can be ‘mathematically quantified’, our scores just reflect the experiences of the reviewer.

Site Structure

You will see a lot of terms such as "defence", "prosecution", "case" and similar across the site. What does that all mean?

The Defence - Basic information about a game, including; publisher, developer, release date and genre.

The Prosecution - Recommended system requirements for the game.

The Case - The introduction to a review or preview.

The Trial - The main body of the review.

The Verdict - Our verdict on the game.

Case Review - A summary of the review, or a "quick read" alternative.

Appeal - A second opinion by another Judge.

Judge's Panel - A score of the game from the rest of our staff. We are using this for the biggest and most popular games so you can be sure to get the most objective score around.

The Team


Name: Mr Incognito

About me: Ask someone who knows me.

Genres I like/play: RTSs, RPGs, Indies, the occasional FPS

Favourite franchises: Gothic (I & II), BioShock, The Witcher, Hearts of Iron, X universe

Top 5 games: Age of Empires II, Patrician III, Silent Hunter III, X2: The Threat, American Conquest

My most underappreciated game: Sacrifice, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident and Knights of Honor


Name: Jess Kinghorn

About me: I’m a student in my early 20s, presently mid-way through a 4 year English Language & Literature degree course with a year in Germany. I have been gaming since I was young though in many respects I came to gaming quite late, having only recently bought my first gaming PC. My non-gaming interests include reading (novels and comics), writing, digital art, video editing and working towards my life goal of becoming some sort of digital media renaissance woman.

Genres I like/play: RPGs, Survival Horror, Art Games

Favourite franchises: Shin Megami Tensei, Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts

Top 5 games: (In no particular order) Ico, Silent Hill 2, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, The Cat Lady, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

My most underappreciated game: Koudelka and the first Shadow Hearts. Both are excellent (though admittedly extremely dated and imperfect) Lovecraftian, Alternate History RPGS with elements of horror.


Name: Elof 'L' Coulsen

About me: A gamer for more than three decades, a keen reader and even (shameless self plug) an aspiring novelist already with two published novels under my belt.  I spend my time playing video games (shockingly enough) looking after my cats, working on a series of (at present nineteen) planned novels and dispensing pearls of wisdom to my little girl.

Genres I like/play: RPGs, Indie, Third Person

Favourite franchises: Assassin's Creed, Legacy of Kain, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell

Top 5 games: Shenmue, Beyond Good and Evil, Mirror's Edge, Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force 2

My most underappreciated game: Legend of Legaia


Name: Eric Elliott

About me: I grew up an avid gamer with a pension for Nintendo and early PC games. Even today there is nothing quite like a marathon of Zelda or Command & Conquer. Beyond gaming my passions are Newcastle United and ice hockey. I have an advanced degree in History, with a focus on cinema as historiography.

Genres I like/play: RPGs, Indie, Platform, RTSs, City Builders

Favourite franchises: SimCity, Diablo, Total War, Legend of Zelda

Top 5 games: SimCity 2000, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Rome: Total War, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

My most underappreciated game: Sacrifice


Name: Ben Larkin

About me: Been gaming for most of my almost 22 years, and for longer than I can remember if my parents are to be believed. I grew up playing Starcraft, Dungeon Siege and Freelancer. Outside of gaming I occasionally find time to write about a whole slew of other things that interest me, from Epic Fantasy novels to Music to History and Religion.

Genres I like/play: RPG, Shooter, Strategy, Action

Favourite franchises: Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Half-Life

Top 5 games: Half-Life 2, Skyrim, New Vegas, Dungeon Siege, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

My most underappreciated game: Freelancer - not sure how well received it was in general, but at least within the circles I grew up in there wasn't a lot of love for this awesome game.


Name: Martynas Klimas

About me: Perpetual n00b and a horrible egoist got his first PC in 1997. It couldn't even run Heroes 3. Started writing about games about the time Freelancer came out. Been doing it and battling prejudice against game reviewers ever since. Is known to write movie reviews and an occasional piece of sci-fi. Reads stuff nobody cares about and thus makes jokes nobody understands!

Genres I like/play: RPGs, FPSs, RTSs and TBSs

Favourite franchises: Total War

Top 5 games: Mass Effect 1, Fallout 2, Deus Ex, Witcher, GTA: Vice City

My most underappreciated game: Boiling Point: Road to Hell - it's like Far Cry 3 with bugs instead of visuals. Or Deus Ex... IN THE JUNGLE!!!


Name: Jenssen

About me: Pure PC gamer, pure Norwegian. Always had a love for PC gaming and a fascination for anything military. Joined the army and served for three years before getting bored of all the bureaucracy in it. Dropped out, went to college and finished a bachelor in Film Studies. AKA "nothing useful at all". Whenever I'm not playing some PC game with my friends or to review for PJ, I enjoy.

Genres I like/play: RPGs, open-world stuff, tactical shooters, COOP-games!

Favourite franchises: The Witcher, Half-Life, Metro, Borderlands, Total War, Torchlight

Top 5 games: Gothic 2, Rome: Total War, The Witcher 2, Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

My most underappreciated game: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


Name: Another Mr Incognito

About me: I have been gaming on PC for over 15 years already and definitely like it. My specialisation is physics and I'm currently studying in Uni for B.Sc. degree. My other interests include reading, history, photography and a bit of video editing.

Genres I like/play: FPSs, Grand Strategy, RPGs (top genres for me, not the only ones)

Favourite franchises: Europa Universalis

Top 5 games: Half Life 2, Europa Universalis III (with expansions), Civilization V (with expansions), Team Fortress 2, Witcher 2

My most underappreciated game: Red Orchestra 2


Name: JH

About me: I'm a hybrid gamer which means I do tend to play games on different platforms, but my preferred platform of choice is unquestionably PC, P for Performance and C for Convenience. I’m quite new to the whole journalist/reviewer job role, but I’m giving it my best shot. I tend to freelance in different things when I’m not actually gaming or at my PC, I’m probably doing something useless, or something not-so-useless.

Genres I like/play: FPS/TPS, RTS, RPGs, Action, Adventure, Open World, Co-operative

Favourite franchises: Men of War, Command and Conquer, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, Counter Strike, Half Life etc.

Top 5 games: Killing Floor, Counter Strike Source, Saboteur, Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

My most underappreciated game: Saboteur

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