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Fallen Enchantress Rises Once More

By Kelevandos23-04-2013

Stardock, the developer and publisher of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, announced that their flag game’s expansion, Legendary Heroes, is to be released on 22th of May. It will feature numerous changes, including new Champion fame system, new leveling, new combat mechanics, as well as never-seen-before monsters and spells.

Fallen Enchantress, itself being an expansion pack for the game Elemental: War of Magic, takes us to a fantasy universe, which we are to conquer by either steel, magic, diplomacy or economy. The game features aesthetic visuals, offers Civilization-like gameplay and arms us with a multitude of abilities, which are sure to be further expanded in Legendary Heroes. Also, the people responsible for creating FE have previously worked on some great titles, including Civilization V and the famous Fall from Heaven mod for Civilization IV.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes will be priced 19.99$ for players who already own the base game and 39.99$ for everybody else.


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