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Dead Rumours

By Bobfish23-02-2013

The official Dead Space twitter has potentially revealed the release date for the obligatory DLC, already known to be titled 'Awakened' it was said to be coming our way on the 3rd of March. Which is a Sunday, for the astute amongst you. The tweet has since been deleted, but as you can see, there's a screencap floating around the internet already. People pick up on these things pretty quick. The date does seem somewhat suspect, I mean seriously, who the hell releases anything on a Sunday? But the March part does seem to be borne out with more recent tweets. You can pretty much discount the March 3rd part all together, but the DLC itself is certain to be with us very soon and we will have more on that as it happens. Until then, join us for the obligatory "lulz! EA suxxors!" in the comments below 'cause, y'know, the game's been out a fortnight, had day one DLC, and we'll be seeing another one within a month. That's something to groan at.

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