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Claymation Puzzler The Swapper Announced

By Mokman20-03-2013

Wow. If there's one thing about videogames that never ceases to amaze me, it's the intense proliferation of art styles throughout the genre. Every single damn time it seems as if the industry has reached the end of its palate, something new erupts onto the scene that forces my jaw hanging a foot down. This time, it's The Swapper. A claymation, yes you heard me right, claymation side-scrolling platform/puzzle game that's coming to Steam this spring.

You play as a self-cloning astronaut who can swap between his bodies, jumping around in clay figures exploring a beautiful alien set piece world. I dare you to say that it doesn't look pretty. Damn. Congratulations Facepalm Games. You've given me hope for the gaming industry yet.

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