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Can You Hack It?

By eremeticskeptic11-05-2014

The Walking Dead leaks out of your television screen (because we all know that most of America has long since abandoned the memory of the comic that The Walking Dead spawned out of and have instead replaced AMC’s show with in the cultural consciousness) this year. Touted as the “official obstacle course of The Walking Dead,” The Walking Dead Escape is a zombie-themed obstacle course that requires you to climb, crawl, hide, and slide your way through the evacuation zone. If you don’t clear the quarantine, you join the undead.

The stateside tour is making stops throughout the southeast, with two stops in Louisiana, three stops in Florida, a stop in Texas, and a stop in Georgia. The Georgia stop is sure to be flooded pretty quickly for obvious reasons, so as the site suggests, if you want to go through The Walking Dead Escape, you should register now. There's also a note on the site that mentions that tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2014 are going to be available soon as well.

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