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Be The Town Idiot In SimCity

By JcDent25-02-2013

EA launched a couple of TV ads about the new SimCity game. In them, some douchebag talks how cool it is to be a mayor - and it's his first job! The message is supposed to be that you can build your city your way - with bridges and sewage outlets near the water supply, but there's little of substance in these ads. We already know that the cities we're going to be sim-mayoring are going to be no bigger than a rural town, a highly specialized rural town. And if you want to build them "your way", then you need to take "your wallet" and buy yourself a DLC.

So yeah, the ad hits exactly on the spot - it's a town management simulator... for idiots.

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Advert was bad, but after playing the beta I had a lot of fun and want to get the game.

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EA marketing is one of the worst... Dead Space 2 was really bad too... so was Dantes Inferno.