Steep Releases Extreme Add-On Pack

Ubisoft's thrilling open-world extreme winter sports game, Steep (which is currently 50% off), has received its latest (and final) expansion pack today. The 'Extreme Pack' add-on brings with it three new exhilarating sports to the base game: Rocket Wings, Speed Riding and Base Jumping. Also being added are various new cosmetic items and exclusive challenges.…
GAME PROFILE 20 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Skull & Bones

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GAME PROFILE 20 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

The Crew 2

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GAME PROFILE 20 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Beyond Good and Evil 2

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NEWS 13 Jun 2017­ by Max Halcomb

E3: Ubisoft 2017

Although the 2017 Ubisoft E3 conference is one of the smaller conferences at E3 so far, they sure know how to make up for lacking in "size" with plenty of "girth" to go around. The conference has had some nice surprises overall, and a few confirmations on circulating rumors as well. With it being Ubisoft,…

Ubisoft’s E3 Lineup Reveal

Ubisoft have announced their outlined plans for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, along with the date of the 2017 Ubisoft E3 Conference. Kicking things off before the big E3 event in two weeks, tune in on June 12th 21:00 UK time, for a live 40 minute pre-show about everything Ubisoft has in store for gamers, from Far Cry…
NEWS 31 May 2017­ by Stephen Haselden

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Steps Onto The Holodeck

Star Trek Bridge Crew is now available for use by all Federation officers. Like all the best inventions since the seventies (automatic doors, mobile phones, microwave ovens and the internet), Star Trek has been the driving force behind them all. So It shouldn’t be any surprise that VR (the Holodeck) is finally getting a Star…
GAME PROFILE 31 May 2017 by David

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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NEWS 26 May 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Time to Drink The Kool-Aid, Far Cry 5 Announced

Far Cry 5 has been officially announced by Ubisoft and this time they really are trying to shake things up! The setting is a fictional Hope County, Montana, a parody of small towns in the southern United States. The trailer depicts a small town that is under the influence of an aggressive religious cult led…
NEWS 23 May 2017­ by K-putt

Trackmania² Lagoon Now Available

It arrived on Uplay, Steam and Maniaplanet with blistering speeds and in Daredevil like fashion. Well actually... it took them over a year to bring Lagoon to Trackmania 2 since its release in Trackmania Turbo, the consolised standalone game, but it’s here and you’re still driving about like a Daredevil. Now you can drive around the Lagoon on…

Ubisoft Teases Far Cry 5

With a surprise announcement, Ubisoft have given the world a quick tease into the next installment to the long running Far Cry series. With rumors floating around as of late about Far Cry heading into the wild west, the first set of teasers shown below almost collaborate that… almost. It seems Ubisoft is taking the…
GAME PROFILE 22 May 2017 by Hendrik

Far Cry 5

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ANNOUNCEMENT 17 May 2017­ by L Coulsen

For Honor’s Second Season is Upon Us

Shadow & Might, Season 2 of For Honor, has arrived...for season pass holders at least. Everyone else will get the new content in a week's time. But by then, hell, by now some players have already hit multiple reputation levels with the new heroes. I jumped in to give them a try myself, and noticed…
NEWS 16 May 2017­ by L Coulsen

Wildlands’ Second Expansion Makes Ghosts Fall Over

Coming on May 30th for season pass holders, and available for purchase separably a week later, June 6th, Ghost Recon: Wildlands next set of content adds a rather impressive 15 new missions and a few new enemy types. Titled 'Fallen Ghosts', it takes place after the climax of the main campaign, and begins with the Ghosts…