ELEX Launch Trailer

Did you see all the cool stuff in that trailer? We're asking because we missed some of it laughing at the janky pole dancer, the bit where a backpedalling man appears to be throwing snot, and voice acting with less conviction than Jan Michael Vincent's dog in Airwolf. Still, it has cool suits of armour…

Elex Unite Against The Albs Trailer

Elex (pronounced Ee-licks) is both the name of a game and that game's mystical resource mcguffin that's the driving point of its plot. The Albs, typical antagonistic enemy type that they are, want the Elex for themselves and as humanity it's our job to show them just how peaceful and magnanimous we are. Just kidding,…

Battle Chasers Nightwar Knolan Spotlight Trailer

Every good adventuring party should have a wise old wizard, it's just good practice like wearing a hard hat or not licking windows. In this regard, Battle Chasers has Knolan, a crotchety old wizard who's equal parts sharp wit and incredibly powerful magic. You'd be surprised how often those two things go together in wizards.…

MX Vs ATV All Out Announced

MX Vs ATV All Out is the next game in the long-running MX Vs ATV series by Rainbow Studios. In it you'll be able to ride bikes, ATVs, and UTVs. Refine your style at your private compound, race across open worlds, and compete head to head in various game modes. Multiplayer is also confirmed but…
GAME PROFILE 15 Sep 2017 by Jay

MX vs ATV All Out

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PREVIEWS 07 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: Biomutant

It’s not every day that you’re a mutating fox-like creature hacking and shooting his way across a post-apocalyptic landscape. But when you are, you’re likely in Experiment 101’s Biomutant. Announced in the weeks leading up to Gamescom and shown off at PAX West, I had a chance to talk to Oliver Bolt about distancing Biomutant…

Aquanox Deep Descent Gameplay Trailer

The deep sea is a popular destination for games lately. Soon we'll all be living in underwater settlements, mining fish and fracking for clams. We're pretty sure that's what goes on underwater when the surface world is an uninhabitable mess and the only thing to do outside of our underwater prisons is to pilot heavily…
GAME PROFILE 01 Sep 2017 by Jay

Aquanox: Deep Descent

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Biomutant Reveal and Cinematic Trailer

Experiment 101 has today revelaled their first game, titled BIOMUTANT. They're calling it a Kung-Fu Fable. No, not Fable as in the game series but as in the story sense. Apparently you'll be able to mix melee, shooting, and mutant powers in the combat system and mutate your character to change their abilities and the…
GAME PROFILE 22 Aug 2017 by Jay


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Spellforce 3 Gets A Magical Cinematic Trailer

Long running fantasy RTS/RPG hybrid series Spellforce, is due for a return to our machines this winter so what better way to set the stage than a cinematic trailer detailing some of the events that have happened between games? That's a rhetorical question because we don't know and the trailer is what we've got. In…
GAME PROFILE 17 Aug 2017 by Hendrik

SpellForce 3

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NEWS 16 Aug 2017­ by Jay Shaw

Black Mirror Series To Be Rebooted

The Black Mirror series of games date back to 2004, and are point and click adventure style games which we're reasonably sure not many of you will remember – we'll be honest, we'd willfully forgotten about them because they're scary and we're easily frightened. If you're not so easily spooked you might be interested to…
GAME PROFILE 16 Aug 2017 by Jay

Black Mirror

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