Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Episode Three Trailer

Telltale's Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is going to prison. We'll leave it up to you to imagine why, we like a bit of mystery. Seriously though, enjoy the new trailer for episode three, which you can watch above, in which Jesse and the gang are thrown in a rather ominous looking prison complete with…

Telltales Guardians Of The Galaxy Episode Three Trailer

Everyone loves cantankerous talking raccoons right? He says he's not a raccoon but who believes a talking raccoon? Pfft. Totally a raccoon. The new trailer seems to focus on a conflict between deadly green Gamora (bet she's glad Kirk has boldly gone) and her sister Nebula and seems to come to a head over some…

Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Episode 2 Trailer

Ah Telltale Games games, always stuffed with choices and lovable characters you'll probably not do horrible things to because this is Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two, the whimsical tale of blocky friends going on an adventure in their crazy block world. The above trailer is for episode two of season two, episode one already…
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Batman: The Enemy Within Starts Today

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1, "The Enigma" (guess who that's about) is now available for all good gaming platforms (the PC) and some not so good (everything else). Featuring a new and improved Riddler who...okay, it has to be said, he's watched one too many Saw movies. Gotta' admit, it's actually really cool to…

Can You Solve the Enigma?

Out of camp Telltale Games today comes the release of the official launch trailer for the soon to be released second season of Batman: Telltale Series ahead of its August 8th premiere. Episode One, titled 'The Engima' is just around the corner and the newly released trailer above gives us a little glimpse on whats…
NEWS 20 Jul 2017­ by L Coulsen

Telltale Have Announced Their 2018 Lineup

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, an event Telltale seem to show a lot of love to every year, Telltale revealed not one, not two, but three upcoming projects for 2018. All sequels, and all hotly anticipated. So let's go through them in the same order they did. Order, one might even say, of…
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Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series

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The Wolf Among Us 2

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season

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Minecraft’s ‘Hero in Residence’ Episode No…

Telltale Games' releases today the premier of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, with the aptly titled Episode One: Hero in Residence. Continuing the story after Season One, Jessie having vanquished the Wither Storm and saved the word, while also becoming famous, he and the gang have started to disperse with more and more responsibilities as they…

Minecraft: Story Mode’s Second Season Trailer

The lovable, award-winning, decision obsessed crew over at Telltale Games have just released the first look at their upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two game. With the first episode, 'Hero in Residence', being released this Tuesday, July 11th, Telltale figured it would be the perfect time to showcase a little bit of the block-tastic action ahead…

Minecraft: Story Mode Renewed For Season 2

Mojang's juggernaut sandbox title, Minecraft, is once again getting a spiffy new game to add to their Wall of Fame. From Telltale Games comes the announcement of the Second Season to the critically acclaimed story driven adventure series, Minecraft: Story Mode. Continuing the epic journey from the previous title, this five part episodic sequel has Jesse…
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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2

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Guardians of the Galaxy Episode Two Coming Soon

Just a really brief newsie for you folks today in regards to TellTale Games 'Guardians of the Galaxy' series, with the announcement of 'Under Pressure', the second Episode in the series to be released this June the 6th. Not much else to go on at this moment, but if their history of making amazing Episodes…