Fear Effect Sedna Releasing March

Long awaited sequel to cult favourite game, Fear Effect is set to launch sooner than we could have predicted. Fear Effect Sedna will feature the original cast of characters, Hana, Deke, Glas, and Rain. They'll be thrust into a world of Inuit mythology and isometric tactical battles. Check out the press release below for more…

Fear Effect Sedna Gets PC Requirements

In the latest Kickstarter update, Sushee have shown what you will need under the hood to run long awaited sequel Fear Effect Sedna on a PC. Not that much, which isn't really all that surprising, but it's still good to know. Have a shuftie for yourself. MINIMUM: OS: Windows 8 Processor: Intel® CoreTM I5-4460 3.20Ghz…

Fear Effect Sedna Has a Release Window

Fear Effect Sedna has been given a release window of early 2018. Confirmed by a Devlog on its crowdfunding campaign. Note, that's a release window, not a release date. The final build of the Kickstarted horror sequel has been compiled and sent to Squeenix for QA. More accurately, it's been sent to Squeenix so they…
ANNOUNCEMENT 05 May 2016­ by L Coulsen

Fear the Sushee

With the Fear Effect Kickstarter a little over a week from completion, developer Sushee have uploaded a short gameplay video to help drum up some extra excitement. Showing not only how combat works, but also a quick look at the kinds of puzzles we can expect to come across on our journey. The latter being,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 23 Apr 2016­ by L Coulsen

Fear the Effect of Kickstarter

Some years ago, back in the heady days of the PlayStation, as in the PlayStation, without any number following it, yeah, back then, believe it or not, Square Enix (or Squaresoft as they were then known) didn't suck. To be fair, they don't really suck now, but they are far from what they used to…
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Fear Effect Sedna

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