Life Is Strange 2 – Release Date Announced

DONTNOD Entertainment are making a comeback to the world of narrative adventure gaming with Life Is Strange 2 which will feature five new episodes and will begin on 27 September 2018. Tomorrow you can also check out the free instalment The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit which is a demo of sorts.
GAME PROFILE 25 Jun 2018 by Jay

Life Is Strange 2

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NEWS 12 Jun 2018­ by Adison

E3: Square Enix 2018

Adison here with the Square Enix Conference coverage. I’m incredibly excited for the probability of a Final Fantasy 7 remake to be on its way into our lives. I know a lot of people like the original, and a lot of people think it’s just nostalgia hued appreciation. FF7 was the very first RPG style…
NEWS 30 Apr 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Revealed

Okay, first things first, go watch that great trailer embedded above and take a minute to appreciate how badass Lara is looking these days. All done? Great! She sounds great too thanks to the presence of Camilla Luddington (who even sounds like a Tomb Raider villain) who has performed Lara for the past two games.…
GAME PROFILE 30 Apr 2018 by Jay

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

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Dragon Quest XI Coming To PC

Rejoice JRPG fans! The grandaddy of them all is finally making its way to our shores! It only took them until the tenth sequel to make it happen. Don't worry, some of the games take place in the same world but hundreds of years apart so they're all standalone story-wise so you've got nothing to…
GAME PROFILE 28 Mar 2018 by Jay

Dragon Quest XI

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Octahedron Release Date Announcement

Octahedron is a “vertical platformer” which means instead of trying to make your way left-to-right you're making your way up through levels. It's already been a bit popular at last year's EGX show and it's easy to see why with visuals that look like a disco acid trip and a soundtrack equally fitting thanks to…
GAME PROFILE 26 Feb 2018 by Jay


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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo Releasing Next Week

We're nearing the release for Final Fantasy XV on PC. The requirements to run the game are rather steep but thankfully you can lay some worries to rest via the demo being released on 26 February 2018. The demo will contain all of chapter 1 and will, naturally, be free. Check out the press release…

Fear Effect Sedna Releasing March

Long awaited sequel to cult favourite game, Fear Effect is set to launch sooner than we could have predicted. Fear Effect Sedna will feature the original cast of characters, Hana, Deke, Glas, and Rain. They'll be thrust into a world of Inuit mythology and isometric tactical battles. Check out the press release below for more…

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Release Date and Details

To avoid any confusion, we'd like to point out that the Royal Edition and the Windows Edition of the game are identical, just that Royal is for consoles and Windows is for PC. Which we're sure is a quote that we won't get made fun of for at all. Final Fantasy XV finally has a…

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Coming To PC Next Month

Last year Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age released on PlayStation 4 and judging by the feature list alone it's a solid remaster of the PlayStation 2 classic, bringing in features missing from the western release but available in the 2007 Japanese release titled International Zodiac Job System, as well as allowing two jobs per…
GAME PROFILE 11 Jan 2018 by Jay

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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