NEWS 01 Jun 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

The Depths Await in Rezrog, Now Available

Kasedo Games' tabletop-inspired roguelike is out now for all PC platforms. With procedurally-generated dungeons and an emphasis on tactical turn-based combat, Rezrog wears its tabletop inspirations on its sleeve. With a world that's become overrun with monsters and the forces of evil, you are set on the task of rounding up heroes worthy and resilient…
ANNOUNCEMENT 15 May 2017­ by Lee Braden

Life Is but a Grind, Hopefully You Get Some Loot

Never-ending dungeon crawling comes to town with Rezrog. Last time I saw a game with “No Difficulty Options”, it was a flop, however, Rezrog changes that with what has to be possibly the best take on the never-ending dungeon crawling genre. Dealing with the usual you find in dungeons; Wizards (often evil), grotesque creatures, the mother-in-law,…
GAME PROFILE 15 May 2017 by Hendrik


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