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Hacktag, a game produced and published by Piece of Cake studios, is a two player co-op asymmetric stealth game. The game takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals who have a similar modernized life as our own. This game contains both a single player, or co-op play system that allows for a stealth player…

Hacktag Infiltrates Steam Next Month

Cooperative stealth game Hacktag is all about asymmetric cooperation between a physical infiltrator and a hacker. You can play solo or with another person to break into near-future installations populated by anthropomorphic animal guards and workers. Hacktag has been in Early Access since the middle of last year and has expanded with community feedback since…

Hacktag Hacks Its Way on Steam Early Access

From Piece of Cake Studios, this independent game developer are happy to announce that their 2 player stealth co-op game, Hacktag, is now available on Steam Early Access. In celebration, those interested in picking up this challenging original concept game can take advantage of a 25% off launch discount, do hurry, this special offer ends…
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