Battletech: Flashpoint Coming November

This November Battletech will be getting its first expansion, Flashpoint. It’ll feature a new encounter type, new mechs, a new biome, and the titular flashpoints – extended contracts with high rewards. Check out the press release below for more info.

Europa Universalis IV: Dharma Release Date

The indian themed expansion, Dharma, for Europa Universalis IV will be releasing on 6 September 2018. In addition to the expansion features listed below the game will also receive a free update that will give players a more detailed map of the Indian region, a new Estate system, and a new approach to Policies.
NEWS 19 May 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Paradox Convention – All the News

Oh boy, PDXCon (Paradox Convention) has had a seriously huge amount of announcements and new content this year, as is befitting of grand strategy gurus. Since there's so much we've decided to stick it all in one big post and let you dig through it to your own pace. If anything new gets announced over…
ARTICLES 07 May 2018­ by Jay Shaw

Battletech Retrial

I'd like to preface this by saying that I am a pretty big MechWarrior fan, having only recently rekindled my love for the whole Battletech franchise by replaying MechWarrior 4 a few weeks ago. The point is, I'm kind of on a Battletech/Mechwarrior kick right now and getting to play Battletech by HBS was right…
REVIEWS 02 May 2018­ by Stephen Haselden


In a decade obscured by the mists of time and the glare of neon bangs; a board game was created that pitted giant mechanical war machines against each in a contest that would take hours to complete and days to plan. Battletech managed to combine the detail of RPG games with the precision of war…

Cities: Skylines Parklife Expansion Announcement

The ever growing Cities: Skylines is showing no signs of stopping its expansion. As proof we've got today's announcement of the Parklife expansion which will introduce a bunch of new features and tools including parks (obviously), new buildings, amusement parks, nature reserves, zoos, recesses between buildings, a new radio station, and many more. There'll also…

Battletech New Story Trailer

The new trailer for Battletech likens the story to “Game of Thrones meets Pacific Rim, in Space” which uh... is actually pretty accurate if Pacific Rim's mecha were ten times cooler and Game of Thrones had about four-hundred less boobs. Give it a watch above to see Mitch and his glorious beard talk about the…

BATTLETECH Release Date and Story Trailer

BATTLETECH, latest videogame adaptation of the classic tabletop strategy game, has finally got a solid release date. 24 April 2018 will be when you're finally allowed to take the commanders role of your own mercenary company. For now you'll have to be content with the new story trailer released today, which gives you a look…
REVIEWS 19 Mar 2018­ by Stephen Haselden

Surviving Mars

The Planet Mars has been the centre of many fantastic stories. There is something about the planet that inspires our imagination and now Paradox, and Haemimont Games have been inspired to use Mars to capture our imaginations in their game Surviving Mars. But this raises the question: Will Surviving Mars inspire our imaginations as much…

Battletech – Mercenary Life Trailer

In Battletech you'll be taking on the role of a mercenary company commander, not just commanding your lance of mechs but also you'll have to choose what missions to take, manage your crew, finances, upgrades, morale, and probably even the times your crew is allowed to go to the toilet. Battletech is launching in April…

Hearts Of Iron IV: Waking The Tiger Release Trailer

The eastern focused expansion, Hearts Of Iron IV: Waking The Tiger has also dropped a release trailer that looks at how history in-game may not follow real events. There's also the press release below that details the considerable changes coming to the game with the expansion. Hearts Of Iron IV: Waking The Tiger is out…

Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Release Date

Here's one for you grand strategy buffs: Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia is setting sail on 20 March 2018. Little bit late for the colonial era but I suppose it's better late than never. As the title suggests, the expansion will focus on the British Empire but there'll be new content for every nation including…

Battletech Deploying This April – Preorders Open

Highly anticipated tactical turn-based tactical game, Battletech is launching this April, additionally preorders are now live for the game, clocking in at £34.99 for the base version and £41.99 for the digital deluxe edition. After a brief hiccup on the Steam store page we've had official confirmation from Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive that the…

Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Announcement

It's not called an expansion pack, but rather an immersion pack – focusing, as the name would suggest, on the British Isles. Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia will be adding exclusive mission trees for England, Scotland, and Ireland, coal production, rewards for being the first nation to unlock new knowledge, adopting naval doctrines, the new…