Skyhill Live Action Story Trailer

Skyhill has a new trailer, this time featuring actual things from actuality. Give the atmospheric short a watch above, or check out the lengthy press release below for more information on the mysterious horror waiting for you in-game.

Skyhill: Black Mist – Announcement

Developer, Mandragora and publisher Klabater have announced that they're working on the next entry in the Skyhill series: Skyhill: Black Mist. In Black Mist, players will take on the role of an employee of the Skyhill corporation who has just moved into a new condominium complex where things have gone wrong; your daughter is kidnapped,…
GAME PROFILE 25 Apr 2019 by Jay

SKYHILL: Black Mist

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We. The Revolution – Gameplay Teaser

Being a judge in the French Revolution should be easy right? If they dislike bread, are rich, smell less like garlic, or claim they're allergic to guillotines then you can probably just declare them guilty. Apparently not, if the new gameplay teaser for We. The Revolution is anything to go by. The game is releasing…
PREVIEWS 03 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: We. the Revolution

Paris, 1794: a time of political and societal upheaval marked by incredible violence and brutality. A time when making the wrong enemies could mean the blade of the guillotine on your neck. Far removed from the revolutionary actors on the streets, your own personal struggle plays out in the courtroom, as you sentence defendants to…
GAME PROFILE 03 Sep 2017 by

We. the Revolution

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