Pure Farming 2018 Says The Best Things Come In Threes

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Pure Farming 2018, but the silence has broken to reveal three of the game's modes: My First Farm which is designed to teach new players the ins and outs of modern agriculture. Farming Challenges consist of 20 hour-long scenarios such as locust attacks or drought. Lastly…
NEWS 10 Nov 2017­ by L Coulsen

Pure Farming 2018 has an Epic new Trailer

No, that's not facetious, see for yourself. Techland's latest trailer for Pure Farming 2018, titled Heroes of the Farm, is one of the most badass trailers of the year. As weird as it sounds, they've managed to make farming vehicles look like the smexiest rides on the planet. Quite an accomplishment that. Check it out…

Pure Farming 2018 Machines In Focus Trailers

For some reason whenever we think of farming all we can think about is the old guy with sheep from Tremors. We're pretty sure there's no giant subterranean worms in Pure Farming 2018, unless they get announced as a manufacturer of farming machinery. Techland are running a whole series showing off the manufacturers and their…

Pure Farming 2018 Release Date Set

Pure Farming 2018 has set its harvest date for next year's release and announced a few pre-order bonuses; pre-ordering the game will get you an exclusive map set in Bavaria, Germany for free that features the exclusive activities of growing rapeseed and raising sheep. Presumably because the latter sued Wales for a divorce and moved…

Pure Farming is Calling Dr. Green Thumb

Today, independent gaming publisher Techland have revealed a fresh new gameplay trailer for their upcoming farm cultivating simulator, Pure Farming 2018. Developed by Ice Flames and scheduled for release Q1 2018, this farming sim comes complete with all the real licensed machines one would expect to find in the world of agriculture, filled with plenty of challenges…
GAME PROFILE 08 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Pure Farming 2018

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