NEWS 06 Apr 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Gearbox is Partnering with G2A for Bulletstorm’s Collector’s Edition

In the lead-up to Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition’s release, Gearbox has secured partnerships with a whole host of retailers, both physical and digital, by which to sell their game. The list has your standard worldwide offerings, and one unusual addition: G2A. While G2A has partnered with developers in the past, via the G2A Direct program,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 25 Mar 2017 by K-putt

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Release Trailer

Gearbox and their advertising...this time it's their Bulletstorm "Trailer" or whatever you wanna call that abomination. Lots of explosions, a wannabe Rihanna singer remixed with horrible dubstep music and some buzzwords to grab your attention, ah, just like the trailers from 2011, yay! With 4K support and turbo frame-rates being two of the special features…
ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Feb 2017 by Kyle Johnson

The Tales of Stygia Return in Bulletstorm’s Latest Trailer

After the announcement last month that Bulletstorm would be returning, Gearbox and People Can Fly have fired back yet again with a trailer for the story elements of its stylish first-person shooter. While still maintaining the same level of challenge with its skillshot system, where players are rewarded for finding creative and new ways to…
GAME PROFILE 03 Dec 2016 by

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

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ANNOUNCEMENT 03 Dec 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Announced

With a special appearance by Jon St. John’s Duke Nukem, Bulletstorm is getting the remaster treatment that seems so hot these days, plus quite a bit of bonus content as well. Now coming with all of the previously released DLC, alongside new campaign modes, score challenges and reworked graphics and audio, People Can Fly’s score-based…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Nov 2016 by Kyle Johnson

New Battleborn Hero, DLC Out Today

Alongside Kid Ultra, the 29th Battleborn hero to be released thus far, there comes a new story DLC as well: Toby’s Friendship Raid. The second DLC as part of the Season Pass, Toby’s Friendship Raid sees you and up to two of your friends/random internet strangers take on the LLC in an attempt to secure…
ANNOUNCEMENT 02 Nov 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Get Your Rocket Fists on Battleborn’s Latest Hero Update

Kid Ultra is the latest hero to be added to Gearbox’s oft-maligned hero shooter Battleborn, and he brings the total roster to 28 total characters. Originally designed as a childcare robot, he was left unfinished, before the Battleborn team of heroes decided that he needed an infinite supply of rockets and healing equipment, all while…
ANNOUNCEMENT 14 Oct 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Battleborn Gets First Story DLC and New Competitive Mode

When you think of a big, lumbering mountain of a Thrall, you generally don’t think smooth jazz and film noir. The minds behind Battleborn think otherwise, and in the latest DLC update for Gearbox’s oft-maligned hero shooter, the first story operation does just that. Aiming to backfill on some of the lore missing from the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Oct 2016 by L Coulsen

Hail To the 20 Year Old King Baby!

One thing is for sure, this is the week of 20th anniversary gaming. First it was Rise of the Tomb Raider, and now Duke Nukem is back to (re)join the party. Consisting of the full, unabashedly crass Duke Nukem 3D, the original dev team have come back together to add a bunch of new content…
ANNOUNCEMENT 06 Sep 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Battleborn Snags First Story DLC

Coming as part of Gearbox’s laughably awkward panel from PAX West, Battleborn is finally getting one of the DLCs promised as part of the season pass. The story DLC, or “story operation,” is called “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion,” and looks to add more lore and information about the Battleborn universe and its characters. Also…
ANNOUNCEMENT 03 Sep 2016 by David Pink

Duke Nukem 20th Anniversary Edition

Gearbox is excited to announce the return of the grooviest, gum chewing, badass, lady lovin’ wise cracker of all time and space, Duke Nukem, oh yeah baby! The King has returned! This October will mark Duke’s triumphant return, being released on the PS4, Xbox One and Steam. In celebration of the game that revolutionized the…
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Duke Nukem 3D

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ANNOUNCEMENT 19 May 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Battleborn Announces First Major Update

With roughly two weeks gone since Battleborn launched, Gearbox is already ramping up the content for the Season Pass, coming with the release of the first new hero, Alani. A warrior/healer hybrid who makes use of water-based moves, she will come on May 24th for free for all Season Pass holders, or be available for…
ANNOUNCEMENT 30 Apr 2016 by Simon Sirmenis

Battleborn Launch Trailer

Gearbox was always very good with their launch trailer and Battleborn is just another proof of that. The very fitting music tracks combined with brilliant frame editing makes it a very entertaining watch. Besides just that, and letting you know that the game is (almost) out, there is nothing new here. If you want to…