ANNOUNCEMENT 28 Apr 2017 by Lee Braden

Sometimes in War Thunder the Navy Needs a Bigger Gun.

In a bit of a surprise, Gaijin Entertainment announces that the Royal Navy Tribal Class will be added to War Thunder. No, it’s not April 1st, and this is not last years April Fools event, but it appears that Destroyers will be put in as playable ships, for this test event at least. Keeping with…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 Apr 2017 by Lee Braden

War Thunder, World War II Chronicles

Gaijin Entertainment does it’s celebration for the end of the War in Europe with it’s usual 'Chronicles of World War II' with limited vehicles. Every day you will get a chance to play through different battles of World War II through the events tab, and each time you complete an objective within the achievements tracker…
NEWS 31 Mar 2017 by Lee Braden

Modern Military Hits War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment is adding a new location with many new vehicles, so get ready for Armoured Battalions in the Middle East, and a Hind! Yes, I mean the Mi-34 “Hind E” gunship will be coming to War Thunder, along with the T-90 MBT for the Russians. A new location being rolled out is the 'Middle…
ANNOUNCEMENT 16 Mar 2017 by Lee Braden

Ready for the Onslaught, Ready for the Fight in War Thunder

Another big update from Gaijin Entertainment for War Thunder giving us the Assault update with a bunch of new vehicles, testing of a new game mode, and plenty more. Since my post about 1.65 had to be streamlined, I won’t go into detail about each new vehicle, but I do encourage you to look them up…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 Feb 2017 by Lee Braden

The War Thunder Tease for Update 1.67 Begins

Following the end of the Closed Beta for Japanese armour, Gaijin teases more additions for the Japanese line in War Thunder. Stating in the news we have as being one every day until 1.67 update hits, Gaijin is listing all the new vehicles, we know of Japanese ground units, but there are rumours we will…
NEWS 22 Dec 2016 by Lee Braden

War Thunder Finds the Way of the Samurai

The much awaited Japanese ground forces has hit War Thunder today, along with a myriad of changes, including the more awaited bomber cockpits. The update is what Gaijin has classified as “Full game launch”. That means War Thunder is no longer in open beta but is now a fully released game with plenty more updates…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Dec 2016 by Lee Braden

Well, Now You Are Enlisted Soldier

Continuing with their near-accurate games, Gaijin Entertainment has teamed up with Darkflow Software to release Enlisted. Taking the realism that we see in War Thunder, and also in Blackmill Games’ Verdun, you will play as a soldier in a unit with objectives and fight near-historical battles down to the last man. Going away from with the…
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ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Aug 2016 by Lee Braden

Crossout Now on Steam Early Access

Targem Games with help of Gaijin Entertainment has released onto Steam their brand new game Crossout, a Mad Max style funfest. Set after an unknown disease spread through the world in 2021, Crossout pitches survivors in a desperate battle, some just fighting for the rush of combat, others to protect what little they have to…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Aug 2016 by Lee Braden

War Thunder Now With That Sinking Feeling

“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans” - Winston Churchill, and is quite apt for War Thunder as that they have announced that Naval Forces will be arriving soon. In a not too surprising news if you have been playing and keeping…
ANNOUNCEMENT 10 Jun 2016 by Lee Braden

War Thunder 1.59 Flaming Arrows

“War is a catalyst to advance technology” as my old physics teacher said, and in War Thunder, the addition of Anti-Tank Guided Missiles in the new Flaming Arrows patch adds new technology to the game. The newest additions to 1.59 are tanks that carry ATGM's. The Russian IT-1 and West German Raketenjagdpanzer 2 can only…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 May 2016 by Lee Braden

War Thunder, Now With More Rockets

Gaijin has announced some new gear and changes to older stuff for War Thunder. Firstly, as you can see, the Russians are starting off the new Anti-Tank Missile launching vehicles, here we have an IT-1 that is based off the T-62 hull. We have been informed as well that there is a high chance of…
ANNOUNCEMENT 09 Apr 2016 by Lee Braden

Crossout Moves to Closed Beta

What happens when Gaijin Entertainment takes the successful tank games in War Thunder and mix it with Mad Max? Well you get their new game – Crossout. Crossout is a vehicle combat game that now just moved to closed beta. Here you effectively build your own armoured vehicle, starting off with a basic pickup or…
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