NEWS 18 Apr 2017 by K-putt

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Reveal Trailer

After a long wait for clear information about the upcoming Battlefront 2, we finally got a trailer to gnaw on for a bit. Electronic Arts and Dice seemed to have heard our prayers for a single-player campaign because we will be able to play across all the known era’s of the 'Star Wars’ franchise. Darth…
GAME PROFILE 30 Mar 2017 by Hendrik

Star Wars: Battlefront II

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ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Mar 2017 by K-putt

Battlefront II’s First Look Is Upon Us

It's been rather quiet around the interwebs in regards to the next Battlefront game over the last couple of months. All we know so far is that it will get the absolutely-much-needed Single Player campaign experience missing from Star Wars: Battlefront. Hopefully we'll learn more about it on April 15th, that's when DICE will be showing us…
ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Mar 2017 by K-putt

Battlefield’s Happy “Free” Friends

In interesting news, DICE is introducing a new way for everyone to use their Battlefield 1 DLC maps...for absolutely *free! Sounds great right? Well, it is, kinda...I don't want to be the bitter sod who just sees the negative in anything positive, but this idea right here does have a bittersweet taste to it. For…
ANNOUNCEMENT 28 Feb 2017 by Kyle Johnson

You Shall Not Pass, You Shall Not Collect War Bonds in Battlefield 1

Bringing the French Army, a new game mode and four new maps, the 'You Shall Not Pass Expansion' for Battlefield 1 is coming next month. Frontlines, the new game mode, combines Conquest and Rush in a mix that reminds me of Conquest Assault, but perhaps more tactical play. Players own one flag on each side,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 16 Feb 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Battlefield 4 Is Getting an Updated User Interface

Coming off the heels of the updated UI for Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 is going to see an update that brings the same UI to the previous mainline Battlefield game. This UI update comes with easier squad creation outside of games, a recommendation engine to suggest maps, servers, and more, and a unified client that…
GAME PROFILE 16 Feb 2017 by David

Battlefield 4

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ANNOUNCEMENT 25 Jan 2017 by Kyle Johnson

‘They Shall Not Pass’ BF1 Moves to the French Trenches

The first expansion pass for DICE’s monumental WW1 shooter sees the arrival of the French forces, four new maps, new vehicles and more. Battlefield 1, by any metric, has been doing quite well for itself, setting plenty of records for DICE and EA, and finally unseating Battlefield 4 as the most played Battlefield game (for…
ANNOUNCEMENT 07 Jan 2017 by Kyle Johnson

The Wintery Road Ahead For Battlefield 1

With December and the release of Giant’s Shadow come and gone, DICE, and much of the gaming community is looking ahead to the next update for Battlefield 1, aiming to be a full-fledged expansion. Titled “They Shall Not Pass,” the previously released concept art showcases some tight corners and claustrophobic trench warfare typical of the French battlefields.…
ANNOUNCEMENT 13 Dec 2016 by Kyle Johnson

A Giant’s Shadow Creeps Across Battlefield 1

In the December update for the monumental World War I shooter, Battlefield 1, a new map, weapon balances and general bugfixes are all hitting the game today. The full list of changes is available here, along with developer DICE’s reasoning behind some of the changes. One of the more interesting changes coming to Battlefield 1…
ANNOUNCEMENT 21 Nov 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Star Wars: Battlefront DLC and Ultimate Edition Release Details

Coming off of the extremely successful launch of Battlefield 1, you’d think that DICE had all but forgotten about their malnourished Star Wars Battlefront game. However, with the release of the Rogue One DLC, the fourth and final DLC coming on December 6th, DICE has also put out the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Battlefront,…
ANNOUNCEMENT 04 Nov 2016 by Kyle Johnson

What’s Next for Battlefield 1?

One thing undeniable about Battlefield 4 is that it had some of the greatest post-release support offered by a developer and publisher in modern times. Sure, the game may have been broken for many for months, but to get consistent support three years after release, in a time when multiplayer shooters have an estimated lifespan…
REVIEWS 31 Oct 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Battlefield 1

Oh, what a time when we were inundated with World War II games, and we clamored for modern military shooters. Setting a massive first-person shooter during the Great War seemed unthinkable not even five years ago, yet here we are, with an AAA publisher and developer producing such a game. Battlefield 1 is a stark…
ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Oct 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Battlefield 1 Now Exploding in Your Region

Hey look! A launch trailer released on the actual launch of a game! Finally, the gaming populace at large can get their hands on the war-torn landscapes of Battlefield 1, assuming you didn’t buy into the EA Access program. Some very excellent renders of trenches, zeppelins, and some shots of various maps within the game…