GRIS – Launch Trailer

GRIS launches later today on PC and Nintendo Switch so here's an appropriately timed launch trailer. Nomada Studio have a great sense of style and the new trailer is no exception, it's well worth a watch for the beautiful art and music.

Gris Releasing December

Surreal and beautiful looking platformer exploration game, Gris is releasing on 13 December 2018 for PC and Nintendo Switch. It'll be priced at £13.49. Check out the new trailer embedded above for a look at some of that sweet art.

Observation Announced

No Code (developers of the incredible Stories Untold) and Devolver Digital have announced their upcoming game, Observation. In it you'll take on the role of a space station's resident AI assisting an astronaut by operating cameras, tools, and station controls as she investigates the disappearance of her crew. Observation is lauching in Spring 2019.
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Weedcraft Inc. – Announcement

Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital have announced their upcoming game, Weedcraft Inc. In it you'll take on the business of producing weed in a tycoon style game. There's also something about political and cultural aspects but let's face it, you'll probably be too baked and giggling at a funny name to care. Weedcraft Inc. launches…
GAME PROFILE 01 Oct 2018 by Jay

Weedcraft Inc.

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Gris Announcement

Gris, from Spanish developers Nomada Studio, will be a platforming game with no death, danger, or frustration. Instead, it’s all about experiencing the game’s beautiful art, animation, and music. Give the trailer above a watch.
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NEWS 23 Apr 2018­ by Jay Shaw

The Swords Of Ditto – Launch Trailer

Powerhouse Animation have gone from drawing brutal vampire violence in Netflix's Castlevania series to the charming lunacy found in the Swords of Ditto launch trailer embedded above. The game's out tomorrow, and looks like a bit of a blast if you like top-down action slasher games like Zelda. Expect to pay £14.99 tomorrow if you…

The Swords Of Ditto Release Date

Developers onebitbeyond are calling The Swords Of Ditto a “compact action RPG” which, after reading the press release below, we have no idea what it means other than that it's an action RPG roguelike with an ever-changing overworld influenced by your actions: win and the world is bright and happy, lose and it's dingy and…
GAME PROFILE 05 Mar 2018 by Jay

The Swords Of Ditto

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RUINER comes to us from Reikon Games and Devolver Digital, and is proof that hitting bad guys with pipes will still be a thing even in gritty, cyberpunk futures. No matter how satisfying whacking bad guys is though, can it last for the 6-8 hour gameplay time? And can a relatively simple and linear beat-em-up like RUINER really…

Ruiner Advanced Loadouts Trailer

We're still in the process of finalising our review for RUINER but it's a good looking game in motion so we decided to share the above trailer with you so you can see the kind of cyberpunk murder we've been up to for the last few days. Hint: It involves a lot of red, that's…
PREVIEWS 05 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: RUINER

In 2091, technology is inescapable. Years of advancement have coalesced in a post-human society where rogues and miscreants can hack and control unprotected augments, send them into murderous rampages, and generally manipulate them for their own ends. Lives in 2091 are short, violent, and full of vice. This is RUINER, a stylish cyberpunk brawler from…