F1 2017 ‘Silverstone Short’ Trailer

Taking a few minutes aside from preparing for the 2017 Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing star sets a new record in F1 2017's shortened variation of the iconic 'Silverstone'. It's no surprise that he beat the current record time, seeing as he drove a real RB13 before and has plenty of…

Dirt 4 ‘Be Fearless’ Trailer

Just before the release of the next installment in the hugely popular Colin McRae Rally franchise this Friday, comes the 'Be Fearless' launch trailer. Codemasters and Koch Media are revving the hype engines one last time before DiRT 4 releases June 9th for consoles and PC. Below you can see a collection of gorgeous screen shots to whet…

The Next F1 Iconic Classic Car Revealed

Codemasters and Koch Media are pleased to reveal the next classic F1 car to be added to their illustrious F1 2017 vehicle roster. In the above showcase trailer, winner of the World Constructors' 2010 Championship, the Red Bull Racing RB6 rolls onto the track. Details about today's classic car to enter the race (the fourth entry…

Micro Machines Set to Return This June

With some excitement comes news on the next iteration in a long running mini-car themed 'Micro Machines' with a new action-packed gameplay trailer from Codemaster & Koch Media's upcoming Micro Machine World Series. I look forward to jumping into silly game after silly game, as I did as a child back in '91 with the NES classic…
GAME PROFILE 24 May 2017 by Hendrik

Micro Machines World Series

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DiRT 4’s Amazing Rallycross Gameplay Trailer

Codemasters and Koch Media would love for you to experience the thrill of Rallycross in DiRT 4's latest action-packed gameplay trailer. Being the official FIA World Rallycross Championship game, it's obvious that the people behind the lastest DiRT title want you to be excited about their upcoming game. Filled to the brim with some of the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 May 2017­ by K-putt

Official F1 2017 Game Announced

As a big Formula 1 fan, I couldn’t be more stoked about this years new F1 game. Much faster cars, wider tires with completely new aerodynamic rules are part of the F1 2017 package. And since a rule change isn’t interesting enough, Codemasters are also adding 12 of the most iconic F1 cars from the…
GAME PROFILE 18 May 2017 by Hendrik

F1 2017

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ANNOUNCEMENT 27 Apr 2017­ by K-putt

Dirt 4’s Dirty Gameplay Trailer

Today's latest Dirt 4 offering has us being treated to some fast cars, fast handbrake turns, fast crashes and lots of fast cuts within the newest trailer. Codemasters also struck a deal with Universal Music UK, and thus, a massive 40 licensed track list will appease our loving ears in Dirt 4...something I’ll turn off…
ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Mar 2017­ by K-putt

DiRT 4’s Many Very Special Editions

DiRT is joining the club of exclusive day-one game editions featuring all kinds of content and shenanigans. I personally don't mind the 'Team Booster' or the founders icon for your game profile, but this Day-One content also includes the Hyundai R5 and an entire event, now...that event might just be a single race, but it's still…
ANNOUNCEMENT 26 Jan 2017­ by K-putt

Codemasters Announces DiRT 4

To my surprise, and to the surprise of many more, Codemasters today announced the upcoming sequel in their popular DiRT franchise. Though, now I do have to wonder how they will handle the main DiRT series, since the fairly recent DiRT Rally focused on simulation rather than the more casual approach of previous titles. Luckily, we…
GAME PROFILE 26 Jan 2017 by Hendrik

DiRT 4

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ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Nov 2016­ by David Pink

Ubisoft and Humble Store Free Game Giveaway

Who doesn't like free games? Crazy people, that's who! Ubisoft's latest installment in their month-to-month 30th Anniversary game giveaway event is offering up to all Uplay users a copy of one of their greatest games for absolutely free. For all of November, slide on over to Uplay and grab yourself a delicious slice of the…
GAME PROFILE 18 Mar 2016 by

DiRT Rally

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