Break Arts 2 Racing To Release

Mecha aren't normally something you associate with racing, but Break Arts 2 developer MercuryStudio did make that leap and we're glad they did because the trailer above features a pink mech, which is a win in our book. Break Arts 2 will feature more in-depth mech customisation than its predecessor too. Break Arts 2 is…
GAME PROFILE 18 Jan 2018 by Jay

Break Arts II

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Astebreed Definitive Edition Released

2.5D Shoot-em-up Astebreed has been updated to a definitive edition on PC, which brings the previously PS4-only content to our beloved platform. Those who already own the game will already have the update for free, if you don't already own the game it got a price hike to $19.99. Some of the updated features you…
GAME PROFILE 07 Nov 2017 by Jay

Astebreed Definitive Edition

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