Goat Of Duty – Announcement

In the grim darkness of the distant future, there are only goats – the cheesy opening to the Steam store page tells you everything you need to know: Goat Of Duty will be as absolutely daft as the thing that quote parodies. Developed by 34 Big Things, the game will be an old-school multiplayer shooter…
GAME PROFILE 30 Apr 2019 by Jay

Goat Of Duty

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GAME PROFILE 18 Mar 2019 by Jay

Goblin Squad – Total Division

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Redout: Space Assault – First Gameplay Trailer

Redout: Space Assault has its first pre-alpha gameplay reveal in the form of the video above. 34BigThings original Redout was focused on hyper-fast racing and some of that legacy shows through at the beginning. If you like space-ships exploding, it's well worth giving a look. Redout: Space Assault is expected to launch in Q1 2019…

Redout: Space Assault Announced

This one zipped past us at E3 somehow. 34BigThings, developers of the super fast racer Redout have announced a new spinoff of the successful game titled Redout: Space Assault. Basically, take one pinch of Redout, one pinch of weapons, one pinch of space flight, sprinkle some single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer in there and you…
GAME PROFILE 22 Jun 2018 by Jay

Redout: Space Assault

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Super Inefficient Golf Tee Off Date Announced

We love a good golf game, whether it's serious, semi-serious, or just silly. But the best golf games, for us, involve explosions though and Super Inefficient Golf takes a new spin (pun intentional) on the golf with explosions idea by having you propel the ball with mines; you stick the things to the ball and…
GAME PROFILE 06 Mar 2018 by Jay

Super Inefficient Golf

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