Phantom Doctrine Gameplay Breakdown Trailer

Being a spy is super difficult, managing spies is also difficult. What do you get when you mash the two hard things together? Phantom Doctrine. Check out the new Mission Debriefing trailer embedded above for a look at some of the gameplay. Phantom Doctrine launches on 14 August 2018.

Phantom Doctrine Release Date Announcement

Cold War era strategy game Phantom Doctrine has a release date at last: 14 August 2018. The game will release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $39.99. Check out the press release below for more info because this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.
NEWS 22 Aug 2017­ by Jay Shaw

Phantom Doctrine Steps Out Of The Shadows

Good luck making sense of that trailer, it's like someone got a fake blood machine for their birthday and just couldn't help themselves. Not often you get a live action teaser for a new game though. Here's what's actually going off: in Phantom Doctrine you'll take charge of a secret organization called The Cabal. Your…