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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Released back in 2008, the original Mirror’s Edge holds a special place in the hearts of many for attempting the then-unthinkable: a first-person parkour game. Since then, Dying Light, Outlast, and VR-exclusive Wildlands, among others, have all offered their own take on the genre, each with their own variations therein. DICE has undergone substantial changes as well, not to mention Rhianna Pratchett, the writer of the first game, is not returning as well. With a beta period that’s come and gone, how is Catalyst shaping up, a month or so before release? In lieu of a level-based game, DICE has opted instead for a quasi-open “space” experience, though I’d hesitate to call it truly “open world.” Taking place within the confines of the City of Glass, the City spears upward, white concrete almost surgical in appearance. It is here that Faith has made her home, and where she thrives, dangling off of flagpoles and navigating through scaffolding. Though it appears as though the city offers limitless freedom, Faith will require certain upgrades in order to progress to later areas, not unlike titles like The Legend of Zelda. However, that’s not to say that approaching objectives isn’t without freedom. To the contrary, I approached story missions as the side content, and the exploration as the main part of the game. Soon after completing a few cursory missions, I was left with freedom to scour the environment for collectibles, jockey for position in time trial leaderboards, and complete a number of side quests. To that end, it’s clear that DICE is striving for an emulation of an actual parkour space, with the freedom of movement and paths to an objective.

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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Coming October Civilization IV ruined our schedules, Civilization V destroyed our free time, and now Civilization VI is coming out on October 21st to do it to us all again. The series staples of hex based 4X gameplay, turn based strategy, and sessions that last whole days are returning of course, but Firaxis is making plenty of changes as well. Most of the changes are around convenience like a multiplayer game mode that you can actually finish in a single session and the return of stacking multiple units onto a single tile. But more dynamic changes like cities actively expanding to take up multiple tiles and use local terrain are being included too. The most obvious difference is the look of the game though which seems to be cartoonier than ever before. From the in-game screenshots we’ve been shown, everything looks so much brighter or more vibrant especially when compared to Civ IV’s washed out greens and greys. Terrain, units, and buildings all look more like a mobile game you might find on your mother’s tablet than on a gamer’s PC, but the sheer scope of the game still looks absolutely massive. Firaxis has promised to put in a few more tutorials this time around for those understandably hesitant to spend dozens of hours just to understand the base game but still have the options for veteran players to tweak their games. There’s no word on the playable Civilizations, researchable sciences, buildable wonders, or new terrain types, but the trailer shows a good collection of architecture from around the world as well as Gandhi's face and Teddy Roosevelt’s portrait, so there’s plenty of material to make theories off of. Expectations are high after a 6-year gap between Civ V and Civ VI, but Firaxis has been the leaders in turn-based strategy since Civ IV 11 years ago and has been consistently impressive. Beyond Earth lacked some much needed innovation from the mainline Civilization series, but if the new aesthetic is any indication it looks like that's not going to be a problem in the latest instalment.
GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Announced Nvidia have announced their new Pascal architecture and 16 nm GPUs with a bang – massive GP100 GPU paired with high bandwidth 16 GB HBM2 memory. However, at the moment, GP100 is only present in Tesla compute cards. For gaming, Nvidia have just announced new cards based on smaller chip (likely called GP104) – GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. GeForce GTX 1080 is the new gaming flagship. Its 7.2 billion transistor GPU has 2560 CUDA cores, clocked at impressive 1607 MHz with boost up to 1733 MHz. Nvidia claims that card should overclock well and reach clocks over 2000 MHz. The card has 8 GB of GDDR5X VRAM, connected via 256 bit bus, providing 320 GB/s bandwidth. GDDR5X is the newer version of GDDR5, offering a considerable increase in bandwidth. Card’s TDP is 180 W. Nvidia claims that GTX 1080 should provide 9 TFLOPS of FP32 performance, which looks respectable, compared to 5.6 TFLOPS of 980 Ti and 6.1 TFLOPS of Titan X. While older Maxwell cards have more cores and slightly higher bandwidth, it seems likely that new architecture and higher clocks can easily offset these differences. There was little information on GTX 1070 with no detailed information about the differences in GPU configuration. GTX 1070 will have 8 GB of older GDDR5 VRAM (256 GB/s) and should offer the performance of 6.5 TFLOPS. In terms of features, new GTX 10xx cards support DirectX 12 (feature level FL12_1) and Vulkan. There are HDMI 2.0B outputs for 4K at 60 Hz and DisplayPort 1.4 supporting 4K at 120 Hz. Externally, reference cards look like a more angled and “polygonal” version of Nvidia’s previous designs. This time, Nvidia have decided to call reference designs “Founders Editions” and sell them directly at a higher price. There are some rumours that these versions have higher binned and overclocked GPUs, but that is not certain at the moment. While there is a decent raw performance increase, Nvidia have added some additional features to improve multi-monitor, curved monitor image quality and VR performance. Lens Matched Shading is an improved version of Maxwell’s Multi-Res Shading. It uses the information about the VR displays to avoid doing high resolution shading calculations in areas where VR display has low resolution anyway. Another interesting new feature is Simultaneous Multi-Projection, which allows the rendering of multiple geometry viewpoints in a single pass. It can be used to render a more correct image for angled multi-monitor setups and curved displays. When used for the overlapping VR viewpoints, it can calculate geometry for both viewpoints once, reducing overhead. Overall, these additions sound very promising. Nvidia’s interest in VR is not limited to the new hardware features, they are also offering VRworks for developers to improve VR experience. Existing Gameworks features are part of the package to improve in-game physics and provide particle effects. There is also sound modelling, providing proper sound propagation in the VR world to match the scene. Owners of HTC Vive will be able to try these features in Nvidia’s VR Funhouse. While it is nice to see all these features from a technical side, the proliferation of vendor exclusive features is somewhat worrying. With just two GPU manufacturers and two headset manufacturers, there is already a chance of different games providing proper VR experience with only one of four possible combinations. Finally, there is a new feature that supports older cards starting from GTX 600 and which will make K-putt happy. Ansel provides advanced tools for taking high quality in-game screenshots. With it, you can freely change your viewpoint, take screenshots at 32x higher resolution than the one you play at, capture HDR, 360 degree images. There are also filters if you like using them, the only catch is that game developers have to integrate Ansel support into their games. GeForce GTX 1080 will be available on May 27th for $599, while GTX 1070 launches on June 10th for $379. Nvidia only guarantees that more expensive Founders Edition cards ($699 and $449 respectively) will be available for purchase at these dates. Non reference cards may launch later. Now, it is time to wait for the independent reviews to see how these cards really perform. It is also a good idea to see what AMD releases this year to get the best deal.
Battlefield 1 Takes on the Great War DICE and EA have final revealed Battlefield 1. In spectacular fashion, I might add. Leaks surrounding the nature of the latest entry in the Battlefield franchise reached a crescendo this morning, with packaging and release dates coming from a variety of sources. Regardless, we were treated to a visual feast this afternoon, via a livestreamed event hosted by DICE. For now, let’s break down what we know. Battlefield 1 will not take place in an alternate-history or steampunk version of World War I, rather, it’s set squarely within real events. The campaign will follow a number of soldiers experiencing a number of different events, but DICE was tight-lipped on details of the actual story. Trains, battleships, biplanes, zeppelins, tanks and horses are all vehicles in the game, with likely many more to be revealed later. Chemical warfare will (unsurprisingly) be part of the game, with one of the soldiers in the teaser putting on some sort of a gas mask. Various locations include French urban centers, the Italian Alps, the deserts of Arabia, and others to be revealed. Specific details about weapons, maps, and even in-game footage was absent from the event, as to be expected. With E3 being roughly a month away, we can expect more information and footage to show up as the summer continues. Personally, I would have loved a Cold War-era Battlefield, and I certainly didn’t expect the rumors months ago about a World War 1 Battlefield to be true. Regardless, I’m excited to see where DICE is taking the series, and how they plan on transferring the relentless action found in Battlefield 4 to the next main installment. Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st, 2016 for most, though EA Access members get to play a few days earlier, on October 18th.
Dawn of War III Announcement “Knowledge is power, guard it well” the battle cry of the Blood Ravens, the Space Marine chapter in Dawn of War, which returns in 2017. After 5 years since the launch of Dawn of War II: Retribution, and the acquisition of the rights from THQ to SEGA, a new Dawn of War has been announced, and it's going to be big. Following with hero units and the large armies of the previous games, Dawn of War III gives us more walkers, such as the Eldar Wraithlord, Ork Deff Dreds and rare Imperial Knight walker, these tower over the battlefield engaging foes, bringing more to the battle. Building on 12 years of gameplay, Dawn of War III gives us customisation of elite heroes, rich strategic experiences, stunning visuals and some surprises which we expect from Relic as the franchise gets a new and updated game. “This is the Dawn of War that fans have been waiting for,” said Stephen MacDonald, the title’s Executive Producer. “Our biggest units ever? Check. Giant orbital lasers? Check. Base-building, epic heroes, huge battles, it’s all in there. Get ready for the biggest Dawn of War yet. For the Emperor!” As mentioned on the website, there are 3 fractions at launch, Orks under warlord Gorgutz, Eldar under Seer Macha and the Space Marine chapter Blood Ravens, the heroes of the previous Dawn of War games, who are now lead by Gabriel Angelos, the commander of the 3rd company from Dawn of War II. From what has been said by developers in other interviews, the base building is harping back to the old Dawn of War I style, so you will need to capture relics and power nodes to build and improve your army, also mentioned was the tactic of ordering 3 drop pods to bring in extra Space Marines into the heart of battle, and the orbital laser from a Dauntless Class Battle Cruiser for the Marines. For more information as there are still hidden surprises, head on over to the Dawn of War website.
Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered Revealed Though we’ve known for a while that Infinite Warfare existed, we knew little about what precisely it was. Yesterday the curtain has been lifted, and we’ve gotten our first look at what Infinite Warfare contains, and a little about what you can expect from the game itself. The campaign sees us stepping into the role of Captain Reyes, a Tier One Special Operations (think Navy Seals, SAS, GSG-9, etc.) pilot, who helms one of Earth’s last remaining warships, the Redemption. The populations of Earth, having been devastated by war and a lack of natural resources, have since colonized the solar system, and look to their colonies for material support. However, certain nefarious elements, comprising the Settlement Defense Front (SetDef, or the SDF) do not appreciate this arrangement, and launch a surprise attack on Earth. It’s hard to say where the plot will take us, but it will involve both “boots on the ground” and “piloting high-speed space fighters,” but it will have some semblance of a seamless experience, with few visible loading times. Back again is the movement systems introduced in Advanced Warfare and further refined by Black Ops 3. With the game taking place across a number of interplanetary environments, low-gravity gameplay might be an interesting take for some of the multiplayer action. Infinity Ward is also promising more new abilities and mechanics, but had little details on what that would entail. For multiplayer as well, Infinity Ward is mostly silent, promising more information at a future date. Interestingly enough, Infinity Ward is including a Zombies game mode, in place of Extinction, introduced back in Ghosts. For a game set in space, a wave-based survival mode where you shoot aliens seems to make the most sense, but it seems as though Infinity Ward is banking on the popularity of Zombies to carry the mode. Perhaps some of the biggest news coming alongside Infinite Warfare is the first footage of Modern Warfare Remastered. Again, rumored alongside the release of Infinite Warfare, we’ve gotten a bit more footage and some information as well. For a direct comparison, a bit was teased during the livestream earlier today. Modern Warfare Remastered will also include just half of the maps that were in the original game. Crash, Overgrown, Crossfire, Backlot and Bog have been announced, with five more to be released later. Images have been floating around supposedly revealing that MW:R will release one month before the base game. Whether this is actually the case or a placeholder found on Xbox Live, it’s hard to say. Remastered also won’t be available as a standalone purchase, and is only available as a downloadable title, so it’s unclear how one would download a title that has yet to be released. Regardless, Raven, who has partnered with Activision on a number of Call of Duty titles before is handling the Remastered version, while Infinity Ward takes care of Infinite Warfare. An FAQ has been developed by Activision that should answer any lingering questions. Barring any delays, Infinite Warfare releases on November 4th, 2016, marking another Friday release for the series. The base game will be $60, though if you want Modern Warfare Remastered, it’s going to run you $80. There is (of course) a Season Pass, being valued at $20, and the collector’s edition, titled Legacy Pro, packs everything listed above into a steelbook, and throws in the soundtrack, and some digital items as well. Stay tuned for more information about the other modes coming in Infinite Warfare.
GameStop – Now We Publish Games In an odd turn of events, everyone's favourite store GameStop has opened a new arm of their business called 'GameTrust' which is acting as a publisher. No, really, this is NOT a late April fool’s joke people, I would get the editor to put this disclaimer in large flashing letters as well. So far the only developers to have signed up for this new service are Ready at Dawn (The Order: 1886), Tequila Works (Deadlight, Rime) and Frozenbyte (Trine series) and for a single one-off we have Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series), developing Song of the Deep which should be out soon, with possibly 20 other developers following suit. We have Mark Stanley, the VP of Internal Development and Diversification at GameStop to thank for this interesting bit of fun, and he has stated that it will not be the likes of EA or Activision as they promise not to push their goals onto developers and it won't be a 'One size fits all' approach. An exert from Mr Stanley is below:

“Having been in the publishing part of first-party for many years, there are many pieces in traditional publishing that have prevented many independent developers going down the publishing route. A lot of these included lack of creative control and the inability to make some of the games they always dreamt of making. We are trying to solve a lot of pieces there with GameTrust, and the model covers a lot of things. We can help if a developer needs funding to finish a game, or even kick-off a game.

We may partner in a full development funding mode, or we may have a development partner who has a game that is almost finished and are just looking for someone that can treat their IP in a great way and bring it to market."

He continues: “Also, every IP that we are working with from these developers are smaller-scale games, it’s an area of games development that is pretty much ignored by traditional publishers... we are talking of games with development budgets of up to $15m. Publishers today really focus on the larger franchises and triple-A, where budgets are $30m and above. We are working in this sweet spot that is largely ignored, but we are treating these IPs as if they are triple-As.

We are not just going to put a disc on a peg on a shelf, we are going to treat these games as triple-A by expanding the media. As an example, with Song of the Deep we are publishing a book with Barnes and Noble, and we are also looking at potential TV and movie deals. We are also looking at putting all of GameStop assets behind the game – we will be promoting it as if it is a triple-A, if you walk into any GameStop store today, you will see Song of the Deep reservations and pre-order signage is all over the prime front part of the store.”

Now, GameStop also owns ThinkGeek.com as well, which is a brand that sells gaming and sci-fi related items, some of them useful, others just down right hilarious. So they are branching out, which in business can be a blessing, and a curse. Now, about the “no interference” with developers...we have heard this before, and I can only hope that they will honour that deal, or lest we end up with another large publisher who mandates changes to fit market projections instead of fun.
ANNOUNCEMENT 28 May 2016 by Simon

The Dangerous Elite Engineers

After a long wait the latest content update for Elite Dangerous is here. Titled The Engineers it delivers more content as well as a long awaited changes to the game. The main theme here is the ability to alter your ship components by crafting upgrades. This is done with a fair bit of grind and randomness which is causing quite a bit of controversy. In order to get access the upgrades you will need to gain enough reputation with each engineer by doing missions and then you will need to gather materials for the actual crafting. It sounds straightforward but at the moment it is quite time consuming and the fact that the crafting result is in the hands of a random dice roll is putting people off and in some case at arms. The new update is coming in two parts. One is The Engineers, patch 2.1, which is for the Horizons expansion, or Season as Frontier call it, and patch 1.6 if you just own the base game. The updates address some issues ranging from help with navigation on the galaxy map, rebalancing, improving AI, all the way up to upgrading the visuals, addressing the long-standing asteroid field level of detail issue, making planet surfaces and space station interiors more detailed, improving the lighting and others visual improvements. The Engineers had a bumpy ride. It is the first major update from the set of four that were planned to run throughout this season, which was initially meant to run through this year. It is unclear if or how much the delay has altered the release schedule but we will have to wait and see. Frontier are treating Elite Dangerous as an MMO with a plan to release a season/expansion every year that is supposed to help the game expand and evolve. If you want to know all the changes in the update you can check them out in the patch notes. Be warned though, it’s a long one.

ANNOUNCEMENT 28 May 2016 by Simon

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delayed Till 2017

Speaking of delays, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the magicless non-fantasy RPG, is also pushed back. The game is now scheduled for 2017 release with the new date being announced later this year. This is also not the first time it get delayed either. Originally planned for 2015 December release Kingdom Come was delayed till summer of 2016 in line with the console release. The current delay as Warhorse’s community manager puts it is “to achieve the quality we and our players expect”. While it sucks waiting this really is a good reason if they are truthful. There are too many games recently that feel rushed out the door but if the additional time helps the devs achieve what they are aiming for, only time will show. In the meantime, enjoy the beta access trailer from the beginning of the month.

ANNOUNCEMENT 28 May 2016 by Lee

No Man’s Sky Delayed

Few days ago there was a rumour floating around the net that turned out to be true, No Man's Sky has been officially delayed by 6 weeks. In a post on the official PS4 blog Sean Murray stated that it has been delayed to add the last bit of polish due to some small issues found by playtesters in its last round before going to the presses. Of course, a lot of people have been taking this badly, but if a game is delayed near the end of its development for a final bit of bug fixing I don't mind. Shigeru Miyamoto said “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever” and with every rule there are exceptions, Duke Nukem Forever is one of them. So far nor Steam nor Humble change their release dates, but with NMS being a PS4 title first and a PC second, it wouldn’t be outrageous to think this applies to our platform too. Next week will probably tell though.

ANNOUNCEMENT 27 May 2016 by

Vermintide – Drackenfels DLC

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is one of those games that just keeps coming back. Not only do I find it enjoyable to play even now, after having seen every corner thrice over but it is also slowly but steadily expanding that replayability value that it so much needs to retain a larger audience. Along comes Drackenfels, a DLC promising a new experience. Investigate Castle Drackenfels with your three companions, fight through dark corridors with nothing but a torch to guide you and above all, make it out alive. Men are usually not welcome at Drackenfels. Should you be on the fence for Drackenfels, or be generally unsure whether you'd enjoy Vermintide, then check out the free weekend on Steam currently on offer!

ANNOUNCEMENT 27 May 2016 by Simon

Mafia III Is Bringing the City to Life

In a relentless trickle of information 2K posted a new trailer for Mafia III. Here the developers talk a little about the world we will be thrusted upon. New Bordeaux is made up of 9 different districts that with have their own criminal “ecology”. The districts will also vary in both the environment and status with some being posh and others poor, ones being in the swamplands and others being in urban and industrial areas. Matthias Worch, the design director for the game, also says that the map will be fully open from the get go but some areas will unlock with the story. While he didn’t go into too much detail it wouldn’t be farfetched assuming that the locked areas will be just certain sites like building interiors, courtyards, compounds and other similar sites. Mafia III is out on October 7th but expect much more info till then.

ANNOUNCEMENT 27 May 2016 by David

HITMAN’s Second Elusive Target Now Live

Today marks the beginning of HITMAN’s second Elusive Target event, owners of Episode Two: Sapienza on all platforms will be tasked with eliminating U.S congressmen Anthony L. Troutt. Like the previous Elusive Target event, players will only have one chance, limited intel and without the use of Agent 47’s instinct mode to find and assassinate the target. Agents who complete their contracts will receive future rewards, HITMAN: Absolution’s signature suit being the first after 5 successful targets eliminated. Starting today, Friday, May 27 at 14:00 CEST / 05:00 PDT and ending on Sunday, May 29, the specially crafted, unique Elusive Target event will only be available for 48 hours, so what are you waiting for Agents? Get out there and hunt him down before it’s too late! For additional information, make sure you watch the briefing trailer above and read the included HITMAN press release.

ANNOUNCEMENT 26 May 2016 by David

New Wildlands Trailer Explains Why They Are Ghosts

Earlier today, Ubisoft released its newest trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands, the newest installment in the best-selling Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise. For the first time in the series, sent behind enemy lines in Bolivia, embark on a mission to liberate the population from a corrupt government allied with the vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel. Players will have total freedom of choice to complete missions in a massive multifaceted open world of varying conditions, alone or with up to 3 friends in co-op, as the world reacts to their actions. Furthermore, Ubisoft announced that pre-orders for the standard game, along with the Deluxe, Gold and Calavera Collector’s premium editions are available. The different editions contain bonuses raging from additional game content to physical goodies like maps or even a fully functional headset replica to help you feel like one of the GR soldiers. For a more in depth look into the game and details about the various editions, check out the 'We Are Ghosts' trailer above and the press release below. Enjoy!

ANNOUNCEMENT 26 May 2016 by Lee

Lego Star Wars TFA Season Pass Detailed

In what is going to be a series of shorts, Warner Bros Games has released the second one for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, showcasing FN-2187 or “Finn” as he has become known, the traitor (note, strikethrough) and loyal friend. This short has original dialogue by John Boyega himself and gives us some more funny moments from the assault on the Starkiller base, as well as what most of us would do if we suddenly were given a lightsaber. Just remember, he can't hit anything with a sabre, but is a great shot. The previous short showed Poe Dameron, the Resistance’s best pilot and can be viewed down blow. In a roll that seems to be following all new games right now, WB Games has also announced that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a Season Pass, and it's got a lot in it. The DLC’s have 3 new Level packs and 5 Character packs. The Season Pass gives you these at a reduced price and also gives you free the Jedi Character Pack that is only available through the pass itself. The Season Pass costs £7.99 and to get each of the character and vehicle packs will be £1.70 each while the level packs will be £2.50 each, The Jedi Pack will be in on launch day if you have bought the Season Pass, but you can buy the other DLC's when they come out. The level first pack, “Poe's Quest for Survival”, explores the journey that Poe undertook to get back to Resistance HQ after bailing out of the TIE fighter on Jakku. This includes several new playable characters and vehicles. The second level pack is “First Order Siege of Takodana” where you as Kylo Ren lead the attack on the castle to capture Rey and BB-8. This too has new characters and vehicles. In the final level pack “Escape from Starkiller Base” after crashing on the planet you play as a Resistance pilot with their wingman and one astromech droid as you escape the planet while the attack is still going on. Can you escape before it collapses? This comes with, again, new characters and vehicles. The Jedi Character pack gives us famous Jedi from the prequel trilogy such as Aayla Secura and Mace Windu. The Prequel pack gives us a few people such as Jango Fett, Jar Jar Binks and everyone's favourate Zabrak Darth Maul. The Freemakers Adventures pack is a new one that is from the new upcoming Lego animated series and gives us Graballa the Hutt, Rowan Freemaker and the droid Roger. Star Wars: Rebels pack gives famous characters from the TV series such as Sabine Wren, Chopper and Zeb Orrelios. The Cone Wars gives characters from the acclaimed animated series such as Asajj Ventriss, Rex, Cody and Cad Bane. A more comprehensive list is in the press release below, but this is looking to be some good DLC coming out for the game.

ANNOUNCEMENT 26 May 2016 by Sawyer

Mighty No.9’s “Masterclass” Trailer Is Nothing New

Keiji Inafune's spiritual Mega Man remake Mighty No.9 has released yet another trailer, and while the gameplay still looks good, the same can’t be said of the marketing. The video, besides being mostly made of footage we’ve already seen in previous trailers stitched together in different order or from different angles, also seems to not really know who their audience is. The footage is old and narrated lines like “do you like awesome things that are awesome?” are kinda cringe-worthy more than exciting. The use of adjectives like “crazy addictive” and “frickin’ cool” doesn’t really help either. It’s a shame when the game looks so stylish and action filled but the marketing shoots it in the foot like this. Mega Man is no stranger to bad marketing either but I was hoping that Inafune would get his fresh start with Mighty No.9 at least. Mighty No. 9 is coming out in just under a month on June 24th for PC and consoles.

ANNOUNCEMENT 26 May 2016 by Simon

The Deus Ex World We Live In

Square Enix released a new trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that asks and answers the question of how we got there. This live action trailer cover the events for Human Revolution all the way into Mankind Divided’s timeline. Apart from showing what’s going on all around the world it displays the life of one particular family where one of the members has undergone an augmentation. It shows their joy, their confusion, anger and despair coinciding with the changing times and world views. Enjoy the trailer and see the press release for few more bits of information below.

ANNOUNCEMENT 25 May 2016 by L

Space Just Goat Dangerous

The next Goat Simulator expansion is taking the piss out of Elite: Dangerous. Wait, you want more detail? Seriously dude, do you even need it? Okay, okay, fine. The next Goat Simulator expansion is taking the piss out of every iconic sci-fi universe of the last forty years. And it looks dumb as shit. So, exactly what you want from Goat Simulator really. More bugs, more stupidity, more goats. Due to arrive this Thursday (tomorrow) it's probably deliberately intended to coincide with the upcoming Xbox Games With Gold June release schedule. Of which Goat Simulator is one. But fear not, this will be available across all major platforms at the same time, and will be just as idiotic on all of them. At a cost of some amount of money or other, and your dignity. #MakeSpaceGreatAgain

ANNOUNCEMENT 25 May 2016 by David

HITMAN’s Third Episode Launches May 31

Releasing next Tuesday, the Mission titled ‘A Gilded Cage’ will be available for all assassins to sink their teeth into. HITMAN Episode Three: Marrakesh has Agent 47 tasked with eliminating two targets, Claus Strandberg and Reza Zaydan. The bustling Berber markets of a city on the brink of a full-scale riot will present players with a range of new opportunities and challenges, as well as a new arena for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets. For further detail on the newest update coming to HITMAN, please read the following press release.

ANNOUNCEMENT 25 May 2016 by Kyle

Take a Whirlwind Tour of ME Catalyst’s Environments

In a brief launch trailer (and one that may very well spoil some finer details of the game), Faith ziplines, skids, jumps, and otherwise flies through the very colorful and seemingly endlessly varied environs. If DICE is known for anything, it’s crafting beautiful cinematic action, and they’ve done so here masterfully. The trailer also drops on the back of the news that EA/Origin Access members will get a limited view of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ahead of its June 6th release. Stay tuned for more coverage as we inch ever closer to Catalyst’s release.

ANNOUNCEMENT 25 May 2016 by L

A German Vampyr in London

With the run-up to E3 kicking into high gear, everyone and their uncle is teasing and assuring us of what we can expect from them. Queue DONTNOD with some new screenshots for their upcoming Action-RPG Vampyr. Set at the end of the First World War, it follows the exploits of Doctor Jonathan Reid, and his struggling to balance out the rational, scientific side of his brain. With the supernatural lust for blood borne from his vampiric nature. The images tease us with some of the options we, as Reid, will have to satiate the need for sustenance. From scavenging the dead and dying, to hunting the citizens of London like ignorant cattle. Whilst the premise promises us that every character, every single one, that we choose to sacrifice will have ramifications on the whole of the game. The examples given in the press-release being if you choose (and choice is pushed as a central point of the game) to feed from a Doctor, the patients where he works will be bereft of the medical care they so desperately need. This leaves me wondering though, if every character really does have an impact on the world, then precisely how many characters will there be? And more importantly, exactly how much difference would the loss of one vagrant really make? I suspect this will play it more symbolically in a lot of cases. With, for example, each individual Spanish Flu patient you kill not meaning all that much since they'd be expected to die anyway, but if several pass away in rapid succession, around you, then people will begin to wonder what's going on. We'll be shown more at this year's E3, which should address some of these inquiries. But the full experience will have to wait until “2017” when DONTNOD are asking “how far are you ready to go?“.

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